Get The Item That You Want In No Time

Videos and picture are definitely the wave of the future. When it comes to this day and age everyone wants to take a picture of the things that they like or the things that they want. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become popular all based on the fact that people love to take and post pictures of things that they find interesting or fun. The same goes for things that people want. If a person sees shoes, a purse, or even jewelry that they like, their eyes are the first things that are attracted to them. They may find something on a passerby, or in a store that they absolutely must have, but they may not know how to make a search for that item on the Internet.

Now with image recognition that problem is completely erased. Image recognition is a new technology that allows a person to snap an image of any item that they see, and through an application on their electronic device, they can be taken directly to the area where that item is sold. Within minutes they can snap a picture of an item that they desire, put it onto their app, and the item will come up with its price and everything. With just a click of a button a person can purchase that very item and it will be mailed to them within in no time.

Slyce is one of the leading companies when it comes to image recognition. They use their state-of-the-art image recognition technology to make a person’s dreams come alive. Now a person no longer has to go on the Internet and waste time doing meaningless searches without actually finding the item that they want. By using Slyce’s advanced technology, a person can just take a picture of the item that they want and pull it up on their electronic device. Once they find their desired item, it can be purchased all through that same application. This day and age is about pictures. A person wants to be able to stop and take a picture of themselves, of their friends, of their favorite outfits, or other favorite accessory. It is great to know now that if a person sees an item that they want they do not have to go to some store to try to find it. They can just take a picture of the item that they desire, and within no time it can be theirs.

Skinny Jeans Are Bad for Your Health

While skinny jeans may be a fashion statement that millions of women and men choose to make each day, doctors are warning that the fashionable pants may pose a risk to a wearer’s health. According to a report from Australia, one woman spent four days in a hospital after the jeans she was wearing caused internal bleeding in her muscles, which led to nerve damage.

According to the report, a women in her 20s was helping a friend move during the day. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, she spent hours squatting on the floor. When she rose to walk home her feet went numb, eventually she fell and was unable to get back up and walk. Hours later a search team found the woman. Her legs were severely swollen and she had to be cut from the pants she was wearing.

According to doctors who treated the young woman, she suffered from a rare complication of chronic compression. A group of muscles in her legs and nerves were damaged by the constrictive nature of her pants.

Doctors admitted that while this is a rare side effect of too tight pants, nerve damage to the legs is not that uncommon. It is typically seen in the upper thigh and is more common in wearers who spend long periods of time in the same position, particularly a squatting position.

Are Retail Malls a Thing of the Past?

The internet is growing, and so are the internet sales. It is just more convenient and less time consuming when you can shop with a few clicks of the mouse. This idea has taken off for many shoppers apparently, because it has forced one major retailer to close many of its doors. Gap, which is the largest clothing retailer for specialty clothes in the nation, has just made a devastating report about its finances. They are closing down 25 % of their stores, which is 140 stores nationwide. These stores will close within the next 12 months, and 175 more will follow in the next few years company representative Zeca Oliveira confirmed Monday morning on

This will probably only be the first of many clothing chains to downsize, or close completely. According to a recent article, other brands associated with Gap including Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta are not going to be affected by the store closings. The internet, as well as heavy competition in the teen clothing market, are responsible for the fall in profits.

Get The Low Down on the New York City Real Estate Market

The New York City real estate market fluctuates just like any other housing market in the country. Nobody can really gauge what will happen with the dawn of another year, but it is fun to make an educated guess. The market was steady in 2013, and 2014 and thus far 2015 have not been able to sustain the numbers from that year. However, that means little to nothing when it comes to the buyer. Actually, it may mean that a buyer has a better chance of finding a quality apartment, all depending on their price range of course.

What the city is seeing is a shortage in the apartment homes between the ranges of $1.5-$3 million dollars. Analysts say that anyone who lists their home in this area is bound to do very well. This means that buyers in this price range will have to move rather swiftly in making decisions about their purchases. With little retail availability that means that there will be more people looking for the same homes and 3 buyers for every one apartment. Urgent decisions are essential in the New York housing market.

Appreciation has slowed a bit over the past year. The biggest driving factor for such a strong housing market is the demand. With less than 5k units on the market at any given time, it is only half of what the NYC market saw during its hay day. Because this city has the potential to have more than 10,000 units, it leaves buyers with a huge disadvantage. This is definitely a seller’s market at this point. Sellers can refuse offers because they know that they can hold out for full price. Haggling over price is virtually unheard of here, though some will try to do it, it is not wise. If you find a home that you love, don’t lose it over negotiations that amount to a couple thousand dollars. Someone else will swoop in and take that home at asking price or above.

To get a home in New York Cities prime areas, you have to have a team working for you. A team like TOWN Real Estate can make the task of buying NYC apartments for rent. They know the area, are up to date on the market, and can find you the home you are waiting for. Realtors have connections, and it is much better to work with one than to try to tackle this venture alone. Check out their website at and check out their current inventory.

The Dorchester Collection Experience

Dorchester Collection, established in 2006, is an international luxury hotel operator that owns 10 five star hotels throughout the world. These hotels are located in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Switzerland, and Italy. The business works by acquiring and managing hotels for third party owners. This method of business ensures that each Dorchester Collection hotel is unique, respectable, and provides the elegance expected of its reputation. By acquiring historic buildings for hotel locations, each building captures the host city’s culture and character.

Dorchester Collection hotels are the perfect venue for business meetings, weddings, and special events. These luxury hotels host exceptional numbers for groups of any sizes, while guaranteeing the beauty and experience that will make the event unforgettable. Each hotel provides experienced meeting directors who will help you in planning your experience with every detail.

Despite its elegant appeal and historic nature, Dorchester Collection hotels provide technical experts for any occasion. Whether it is a simple meeting, a product release, or a televised event, Dorchester Collection hotels deliver high quality lightning, audio, and graphic set design to capture the moment. Weddings are made easy and enjoyable with the highest standards of excellence being applied to every aspect.

Expect to be treated with dignity and respect by the friendly, professional staff at each Dorchester location. The latest entertainment systems are available in each and every guest room, as well as throughout the hotel. The Dorchester in London also provides other unique guest services that help make you feel like royalty while you are residing. The Swiss jewelry store, Chopard, revealed its first UK high jewelry boutique at Dorchester. A theatre desk is available to help assist you on deciding among the countless shows and performances available in London.

Family-friendly services are provided to accommodate families of all sizes and ages, helping you to make the most of whatever occasion brings you to the luxury hotel (find specifics on google+). The concierge will help you to find family activities you will be interested in throughout London, and will also provide babysitter services or a nanny if requested. The Dorchester also provides a number of adjacent inter-connecting rooms to allow your family to socialize and stay together. A host of amenities are included in the guest rooms, including: chef baked cookies, child and adult sized slippers and bathrobes, books and board games, DVDs and CDs (upon request), and Nintendo and PlayStation consoles and games (upon request). Dorchester Collection hotels provide universal five star experiences to make the most extraordinary visits uniquely memorable.

Spotlight: Le Richemond, Geneva

Set on the banks of Lake Geneva, overlooking the famous Jet d’Eau, with the snow-capped Alps in the distance, the historic Le Richemond is one of the most prestigious hotels in Geneva.

Carrying Fashion Fit For The Masses Offers Maximum Profitability

Just like restaurants typically feature a menu designed to appeal to a variety of tastes, the fashion industry is now learning that they can increase their bottom line by carrying clothes that fit more than just those individuals who wear smaller sizes.

A recent article that was published on the Business of Fashion website revealed that it’s possible for fashion designers to dramatically improve their profitability by simply producing clothing in sizes 14 and above. This makes sense, considering that 65 percent of the American female population wear size 14 or greater.

Susan Koger, founder of, writes that catering to the size 14 and up population has boosted her business and is currently the fastest growing category within her company. She insists that it’s important to make clothing that everyone can wear, and it’s apparently working for her.

I, for one, totally agree with Koger’s sentiments. Kevin Seawright seems to agree as well. Everyone wants to wear fashionable clothing that makes them look and feel good, no matter what size appears on the label. Hopefully, the entire fashion industry will take notice of this and make some much needed changes.

Pregnant College Student Survives Horrific Car Accident

A 20-year old women named Sharista Giles from Paris, Tennessee was in a horrific car accident last December. She was a pre-med student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Sadly, she wasn’t the only one injured in the devastating crash. Sharista was also five months pregnant, and she was sent into a coma from the tremendous impact of the accident. Doctors informed Sharista’s parents that there little girl and Sharista’s five month old fetus wouldn’t make it.

Astonishingly, after several days, Sharista Giles opened her eyes, and her responses were normal. Ricardo Tosto was glad to hear this. Sharista still can’t talk, but she’s progressing slowly. Doctors reported that it’s still to early to say if Sharista will return to her normal health. However, Sharista can turn her head, and she is fully aware of her surroundings. Even better news, her five month old fetus was unharmed in the crash, and Doctors prematurely delivered the baby in January. The baby weighed less than 2 lbs, but it is now at a stable weight of 6 lbs. The baby will remain in the intensive care unit at the Tennessee Medical Center. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Making Clothes In All Sizes Could Be Great For Business

For a long time, the market has been unfair to women of large sizes, with most trendy outfits being only available in small sizes. This has continuously lead to a lot of frustration among these women. Some of the reasons that has led to this common trend include; the ridiculous idea that these women have no interest in the fashion trends at all and the wrong perception in our society that only thin is beautiful.

Susan Koger, co-founder of ModCloth, has chosen to go against the grain by availing fashion trends in various sizes. After increasing styles in size 16 and beyond, the results were tremendous. Sales have continued to increase as they go long.

The change in strategy was informed by a survey they conducted in 2013. After interviewing 1,500 women, results showed that 92% of women who are size 16 were angered by the fact that they couldn’t find trendy clothes in their size. 88% of these went on to agree that they could actually buy more, if this was to change.

Bernardo Chua ( has read that, after the change, sales have increased by 20%.Customers who are size 16 and above accounted for 20% more sales than the rest. These women have also shown to be more likely to spread the feedback to their friends online.

Diversity has therefore proven to work for Susan and her business. More businesses in the fashion world also need to embrace this new model.

No Longer Discriminating Against Disability In The High Society Fashion World

Jamie Brewer who was born with Down Syndrome modeled a very beautiful dress on New York City’s runway. She was the first woman with Down Syndrome to participate in as a runway model. In the past decades and centuries, there never was anyone with intellectual disabilities or facial deformities featured as a model. Now the change is being made with the new century. Ms. Brewer made her mark in the fashion industry. She is a lady of courage who is not afraid to stand up in front of a large audience and model a dress.

She was seen on the runway wearing a Gothic style black dress which is rumored will be purchased or rented by first lady Michelle Obama to wear at one of the White House parties stated AnastasiaDate. Ms. Brewer looks very stylish and beautiful in this dress and despite her minor facial deformities, she is a very attractive lady. Hopefully she can get a modelling career started from this.

BRL TRUST: An International Investment Company

The BRL Trust is an internationally renown investment company that was founded in 2005 in Brazil and began doing business by providing private loans and services related to trusts for its clientele in South America, as well as globally.

Nowadays, BRL Trust also offers administration of funds for investments, management of capital markets and mergers and acquisition prospects. The BRL team is made up of professional personnel who are experienced in capital markets and the diversification of assets in a variety of investment fields, categories and opportunities.

BRL Trust has grown rapidly and has also expanded its activities and services since its formation. According to ANBIMA, The Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association; BRL Trust is one of the largest independent and most trusted investment fund advisers within Brazil. They have a Facebook page for people to keep up as they continue to grow.

The sophisticated development of global credit markets has brought more investors into the Brazilian market. These individuals are now more knowledgeable and therefore more demanding in the control and monitoring of their own capitol. BRL can assist these savvy investors with their hard earned cash to make decisions that will lead to a win-win situation for them.

There is also a Trustee Services section at BRL which handles innovative, safe and reliable services in this sector for their investors. The tracking and collection of loans in another sector is supported by the SCA (Assets Control System). The database for SCA has over 300 companies that are involved in the business of investments and trusts, with a portfolio of 20,000 customers.

The BRL Trust Underwriting Service Department consists in providing and preparing those domiciled in Brazil or another country, so that they are able to raise funds. These individuals also have the possibility for the allocation of placing structured deals within the field of real estate and agribusiness, as well as being able to collect large receivables. This service also participates in issues related to investment funds quotas.

BRL’s global mission is unique in that it is one which serves its customers in an efficient and safe manner, albeit in a transparent way, by means of an experienced team of skilled individuals, each of whom have been trained and are specialized in their development and performance within their own department and region.

Client interest and priorities are the number one concern at BRL Trust and the discipline and determination of the BRL team is what achieves the best results, in an atmosphere of integrity and trust.