California Ski Country Immune to Drought?

The California drought continues, requiring residents to continue cutting back on water use while asking when, or if, this dry spell will end. Now, with another Summer nearly gone and Winter on the horizon, questions of rain turn to questions of snow. Just as warm weather agricultural businesses need water to survive, ski businesses need snow.
KCRW’s Madeleine Brand sat down with Andy Wirth, the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Corporation, and president and CEO of its parent company, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, to discuss the impact the drought has had on business.
Wirth started by mentioning the “ridiculously resilient ridge,” a geological feature which prevented a lot of pressure systems from entering the mountains. As a result, Squaw Valley saw a lot less snow this year, meaning nearly a third of the area was left dry. Wirth remained optimistic through this. He said though profits were somewhat down, the company remained profitable last Winter.
Wirth also remained unshaken by the recent weather, and unshaken by the number of visitors being 20% down. When asked how many Winters the company could survive without a change in snow levels he responded, “Quite a few. An infinite number based on our current circumstances… We have the ability to survive these changes.” If Squaw Valley continues losing snow, Wirth says they will be able to continue to invest in snow making to keep enough of the valley open for skiing.
Wirth also acknowledged the likelihood of an increased volatility of weather in the coming years, based on reports and predictions made by experts at Stanford. Wirth says he is ready to adapt their business model to whatever is thrown their way. The resort is open year round, and with the ability to host scenic weddings, meetings, and even an Iron Man competition, Wirth says they were “virtually sold out” all Summer long. They are building more around Summer activities to be ready for the possibility of warmer weather year round.
Further, Wirth is interested in helping combat changing climate patterns both from concern for the future of planet and his business. Wirth has a background in meteorology. He spent time in New Mexico fighting wildfires before moving to Squaw Valley. He brings the same environmental concern to ski country and says he sees himself as a resource manager. He sees taking care of the 6,000 acres of land a part of the company’s legacy, and they have been working with their power companies to move their energy supply entirely to renewable energy sources. Wirth wants to reduce their contribution to the volatile weather patterns which are threatening their land.
Wirth is optimistic for the company’s future, and points out that they will be open for skiing the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Rock With It: Happy Agents at Plymouth Rock


Great leaders know how to rock with the times. Businesses that refuse to evolve with trends and create innovative methods for services and exchange won’t retain customers or rocking employees. Chris Ollie wants to maintain retention for customers and stellar insurance agents. Boston Globe posted this article detailing some of the changes the company is making to maintain their hold on insurance sales.

Plymouth Rock, under the leadership of President Ollie, has happy agents because Ollie is making changes within the company that reflect the monumental demand for online insurance shopping and policy purchases. All of this without throwing out the middlemen-agents? That’s right. President Ollie stands for something entirely new for policy holders and working insurance agents. While Ollie is leaning into the demand for an emergent transparency, he is rocking into the sway with a team.

James Stone, executive director and CEO, founded Plymouth Rock and knows his way through economic ups and downs. Still, that doesn’t mean there have been no challenges along the way. CEO Stone and Plymouth Rock President Ollie have had to emphasize their intention with the technology push. Independent agents legitimately feel concern with an online system, but Stone and Ollie assure Plymouth agents that the goal is greater access, advanced technology, and continued training.

With a solid background in economics, Stone is secure with Plymouth Rock’s future position. Having earned a Harvard Ph.D. in Economics, Stone is paving a way for independent agents to continue managing the more than $1 billion premiums. That doesn’t seem to be breaking apart any time soon.

Doe Deere: The Colorful Entrepreneur

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who believes in living her dreams. She started her first company when she was only 13 years old and still living in her home country, Russia. She sold temporary tattoos to the kids she went to school with and played with in her neighborhood. Because she wore the tattoos herself she was able to create quite a buzz.

Doe moved to the US when she was 17 years old and lived in New York for nearly 14 years. These were her growing up years on and though she loves calling Los Angeles home, Brooklyn will always have a piece of her heart.

Branding came naturally to Doe, though she realized she had a lot to learn as she was pursuing her career in the music industry. Promoting her band gave Doe first-hand experience with running a business. She was in charge of branding and making sure people showed up to their concerts. Seeing the results of her hard work pay off in the form of a crowd of people showed Doe just how important every aspect of business is.

Music wasn’t Doe’s only love. While in New York she studied at and graduated from FIT fashion school. Her love of fashion followed her to Los Angeles and it was there that she created a brand that would change the cosmetics industry.

Doe has always been a lover of bright colors. She expresses herself through her neon colored hair and unapologetic makeup choices. Purple hair and glitter makeup is who Doe is. She calls herself “The Queen of Unicorns” and her look is a fairytale in and of itself. If anyone was meant to be the face of a company like Lime Crime, Doe Deere is that person.

She created her company, Lime Crime, with the dream that makeup should be more than a cover-up for blemishes. She believed that make up should express your personality and like Doe, many other women were finding it hard to express themselves with the lack-luster cosmetics that were on the market.

Lime Crime sells unicorn lipsticks, carousel glosses, neon eyeliners and glitter eyeshadows. With these products Doe wants to inspire women of all ages to express themselves without fear of being judged. Just as she does, Doe believes that women should express themselves through fashion, and do so without holding back.

This unapologetic brand has resonated with millions of women. Lime Crime’s Instagram following has topped 1.5 million and is still growing. With a cult-like following, the cosmetics industry has likely only seen the beginning of what Doe’s industry changing brand has yet to accomplish. Not only have they reached a customer base that has fallen in love with them, they’ve also shown that great cosmetics can be made without harming animals.

Enhance Your Beauty With The Right Cosmetics

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This may be one truth in life, but beauty is more than just skin deep. It comes from inside a person and is reflected in their style and attitude toward the world. Cosmetics like Lime Crime can be used to enhance physical features and show inside beauty as well as lend enhancement to physical beauty.

It Starts With Foundation

Good cosmetic use starts with the proper foundation. It matches the skin tone and evens it out for an overall smooth skin look. Choosing the right foundation is key to the perfect beauty regimen. It is the basis of the style to be used in cosmetic application. Covering up hides a person’s skin, but using foundation as a basis to build a true picture of personality enhances both personality and style through artful cosmetic use.

Choose Colors For The Season And Style

Using blush, eye shadow and lipstick brings color and definition to the facial features. As the seasons change, so should the basic color palette of cosmetics. Winter and spring colors tend to be pastel or pale. Summer and fall seasons bring bright and bold colors into focus. Choose the basic palette according to the season.

It is also important to think about style when choosing to enhance these three important areas. A confident person chooses bolder colors within the seasonal choices. Represent a studious personality with softer shades and tones.

Individual Expression

Choosing cosmetics reflects a person’s mode of expression and message of who they are in the world. Enhancing physical features reflects personal style and care of self. Using cosmetics to cover up these features reflects work yet to be done. Choosing the right cosmetics leads to enhancement of self rather than coverage for the sake of appearance.

Cosmetic Maker’s Attitude

Cosmetics are a designed item. They reflect the attitude of the company that chooses the colors, shades and manufacturing models. Lime Crime is an excellent example of this attitude in the cosmetics industry. It consists of a group of cosmetics designers who style themselves as make-up lovers. This company designs their products to enhance inner beauty and help their customers live without apologizing for who they are and how they look to the rest of the world. They do not cover up imperfections, they focus on enhancing inner beauty through the use of cosmetics.

People will continue to use cosmetics for their own reasons. Whether it is to cover imperfections or celebrate features, each person must make their own choices when using make-up.

Learn About Cosmetics With Companies Like Lime Crime

Most people want to look their best. Looking and feeling one’s best can help people feel more confident as they go about their daily lives. Doing so make it easier for people to interact with others and help them project an air of confidence no matter where they are or how they are feeling. Many kinds of techniques are available to Lime Crime to help people look and feel better.

One of the most popular is that of cosmetics. Cosmetics are substances that are used to help people change the way they look. Someone may apply a thin layer of lip gloss on their lips to help their lips look brighter or darker. Another person may want to use some mascara on their eyelashes to help the draw attention to eyes that are large or help show off the subtle colors that can often be seen in one’s eyes.

Learning how to apply makeup effectively is a skill. People must know which particular colors work best for their coloring and features. Someone may find that dark blues are ideal for their pale skin while another person finds that the use of brighter colors helps show off their curly red hair. It can take time and effort to find just the right look for their specific coloring. People may also want to use different colors and cosmetics as a young adult than they use as they age. The key is often finding one’s personal style and figuring out what works for any given person.

During this process, getting help can be important. Skilled assistance from people like those at Lime Crime can provide people with the chance to discover what products will work best for their specific needs. Someone who has style that is more up to date and modern will find that they benefit greatly from working directly with staffers here. The many products that are retailed by this company are ideal for the busy person who wants to show through the use of cosmetics that she is up on the latest fashion and in touch with today’s trends. Help from Lime Crime can also be an ideal way to experiment with new potential looks that are intriquing and fascinating. Someone may not have realized that a brighter green can help add a playful note to her basic look and even show off her tanned arms and dark hair.

This is why it is important to learn as much about cosmetics as possible. Any given person must aware of what kind of cosmetics will work best with their needs and wants as well as help them fit in any space where they are at any given moment in time.

Luxury Men’s Shoes: What message are you sending?

Why should a man wear luxury shoes? A man’s shoes say a lot about him. Luxury shoes exude confidence in a man. They show that he cares about his appearance. If you think about it, almost everyone you come in contact with notices your shoes. It all comes down to the message you are sending. Are you a person who wears cheap, economic shoes and doesn’t care about what other people think? This implies that you are lazy. If you wear luxury shoes it shows the world that you are ready and are confident.

The luxury men’s italian shoes business is exploding. One company that specializes in luxury men’s shoes is called Paul Evans. Paul Evans is becoming an extremely successful company. It was founded by two men, Ben Early and Evan Fript. Paul Evans’ shoes are all Italian handcrafted and are based on comfort and style. They also represent value. Paul Evans’ shoes are a very reasonable price for the quality of the shoe. Most of their shoes cost between $300-$400 which is a few hundred dollars less than comparable shoes. Paul Evans also offers free shipping and free returns.

You can purchase luxury men’s shoes at several high-end department stores. A few of these stores include Nordstrom, Harrods, Barneys, and even online on websites such as Zappos. They are widely available now. Some of the most popular brands of luxury shoes are Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci.

Luxury men’s shoes are not cheap. They can range in price from $350-$1000. Depending on the material the shoe is made of, the price can go up to $10,000, $40,000, and even $60,000. These shoes are made of crocodile hide, ostrich, and gator calfskin. They can also be adorned with precious stones and gold such as the Nike Air Force 1. Finally, there is the $60,000 pair of Air Jordan Silver Shoes. These are sports shoes but can be worn for any occasion but make a great collectors item.

Doe Deer and her Daring Make-Up Line

If you love make-up and follow the trendy lines and popular products you are probably familiar with the make up line Lime Crime and the controversy that has followed it.

Doe Deere is also known in the make-up world as Xenia and she is the creator of the flamboyant cosmetic brand Lime Crime, which most people seem to love immensely or hate. Deere and her unique line have a lot of fans. But there are plenty of detractors as well. The colors are bold and so is the creator’s personality.

The make-up is noticeably packaged with unicorns and sparkles. Deere herself is happy with the attention, both good and bad,that her statements to her fans and the press receive. Either way the response has garnered plenty of conversations about her crazy products.Lime Crime and Doe Deere have also come under fire as accusations fly regarding the make-up mogul purchasing make-up from wholesale suppliers and simply repackaging them as her own. These are comments she has denied repeatedly in true outspoken Deere style. She has a brazen approach to talking with her public and some find it abrasive. There is an argument out there that, politically correct or not, Lime Crime is successful because of some of the attention that her personality brings to the line.
She says she has been misquoted in some of the interviews and advises people to trust only two sources, her blog and her Twitter, for quotes that she has actually said.

Lime Crime targets a young demographic. It is geared more toward those who aren’t afraid to draw attention from others by wearing bold colors on their lips and lids. If you’ve ever wondered what you might look like in deep orange lip stick, or a pastel blue you can solve the mystery with Lime Crime. Some customers say when the colors are applied they are a little muted and not as vivacious as one might think by the packaging. When that’s the case you can expect to be either excited or disappointed depending on the look you were hoping for. The company’s lipsticks are long lasting and wear smooth. They will not dry out your lips.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about Doe Deere and her Lime Crime product line. If you love it then it’s something you will continue to buy because you believe in the statement it makes and you like what it has to offer. Another positive note about Lime Crime, though, is that since it is favorable for every skin tone because it comes in such a wide variety of colors and that can’t be said for every manufacturer. Whether you believe Deere is a crafty, capable businesswoman or undeserving of the attention and admiration from those that love her line she has made a splash in the world of make-up.

Marketing Plans For a Business

Marketing is at the heart and soul of a business. To acknowledge your business products and services to the rest of the world, you need to spread the word about them. The following tips let your business deal with marketing tasks efficiently.

A good marketing plan is key to your business’s strategy for success. You need to know who are your target buyers, what sources of uniqueness do you have in the market, how you are going to communicate it to your target buyers, where and when will you implement those plans and so on. Any of these issues can be answered by analyzing the total marketing environment which your business is competing in as well as the status of your distribution channels. Marketing involves spending as well. Spending here may range from less than 1 percent of the net sales to 10 percent or more. Your business should calculate revenues, deduct expenses related to it and use the left over money for marketing. A smarter approach is to estimate your competitors’ expenses for marketing and closely match with it. If you are starting out as a new small business owner, you will have to be motivated and aggressive as well.

Advertising or promotional programs are done in many ways. Marketing your business means communicating a simple, single message in a simple language. People have trouble remembering their close relative’s name, let alone an ad that is complicate to comprehend. The simpler the headline for the print ads, the better. And every ad should include the price, selection and quality of the product or service your are selling as well. The ad should provide easily visible information about the business location, phone number, store hours and cards accepted. Note that in order for your business to succeed, you need to advertise your products and services to the same buyers as that of your competitors. Even if your business matches with your next door store, you need to tell the buyer about you with some kind of powerful communication, be it through banner ads to emails. For emails, the best way is to construct a statement for your business, then express the key points. Designed, approved and paid for by your business, these activities are efforts to notify your target buyers of your strong presence in the marketplace. The communication form you use here is intended to inform, educate, remind and persuade your potential buyers. This means all these strategies must work in conjunction with other business elements and tools. Good advertising strategy must be unique and memorable in order to work. Whatever advertising or marketing medium you select, make sure that your conveyed message is truthful and ethical. Deceptive practices and false advertising are against laws in every state.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a well-known American executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the former President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc, former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh, CEO of Wet Seal Inc and director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Why Economist Remain To Be the Most Important Professionals in the World

More than ever, economists are needed in the current economic environment than ever before. The profession is gaining popularity on a global scale giving rise to such resourceful people like Christian Broda. Christian Broda is an economist from Argentina and most of his career has been developed in the country. He is also professor of economics at the University of Chicago where he has been working very hard to instil economics disciplines on students. His reputation and prowess in economic matters has enabled him to become the great and a resourceful economist that he is today. Notably, Broda has helped the country and other many organizations in managing their resources.

The bottom line in economics is to utilize resource in the most necessary order of priority. This includes allocating resources to the most productive economic activities. Economists help investors or individuals to arrange their order of priority in the most productive hierarchy in order to achieve the best possible advantage. Economists are literary allergic to waste and they will stop at nothing to make sure that every bit of available resources is utilized to produce the maximum benefits. This is why economists are important in the society. More importantly, in the current global setting there is more reason to have more economists. The population of the earth is rising to almost unsustainable numbers.

As the population is rising, the world’s resources are depleting. It would have been a bit easier if at least the world’s resource were static. With the depleting resources and the rising population, the strain put on the Mother Nature is actually very unsustainable. We need the help of economist to help us in rearranging our priorities lest we lose everything all together. Economist can help the world in redirecting its focus on the issues that are a priority rather than waste resources on things that can wait. We have had economists predicting future events based on current and past happenings and in most cases their prediction came true.

Due to the rising competitive nature that has even become a global trend, economists are able to ensure the balance between development and sustainability is maintained at an equilibrium. Differentiating between development and sustainable development is a task than only the economist can understand and help to create. Economist have been useful in the world of business and they will continue to be even in the current complex business environment. All we need to do is to give them room and heed to their advice when it is given. This will avoid a situation like the one experienced during the 2008/2009 economic meltdown. Economics is the essence of life and everything that goes on around us has an implication on our economic well-being.

Doe Deer is Bringing Color to the Makeup World

Doe Deer, founder of the colorful makeup brand Lime Crime, is as colorful as the makeup she creates. Doe Deere hair is almost always a new shade of brightness, anywhere from purple, to pink and neon orange. She was always drawn to bright colors and when she couldn’t find those colors in makeup being sold on the market she decided to make them herself. Lime Crime was born from her desire of a different look that was special to her.

Doe Deer, known as the “Queen of Unicorns” was born in Russia where she lived until she was 17. She dreamed of becoming a musician which is exactly what she did when she left Russia. She moved to New York in 1998 and joined a band. She lived in New York until 2012 and moved around from Manhattan to Brooklyn. As a musician in the city she learned business skills and how to market your brand. These skills would later help her succeed in starting her own makeup company. She had always had an entrepreneurial spirit, even as a child. She sold temporary tattoos to her friends in school at 13. She started her makeup company, Lime Crime, with her husband, whom she met in a band. They learned to work well together while promoting their band.

Lime Crime started out because of Doe’s desire for a unique look. The makeup market was full of neutral colors which didn’t fit her style at all. So she decided to create her own makeup based on her love of unique and bright colors. She hoped others would also appreciate the different colors her brand was offering. She owes the company’s success to all those who also want a bolder look and don’t go for the beige and brown neutrals. Makeup allows for freedom of expression of one’s style and Lime Crime allows users to express themselves in brighter, bolder ways.

Doe Deer wants ambitious young women to learn to follow their heart as she did when she started her company. She believes everyone is unique and has something special in them. When you truly understand yourself and tap into your unique skills, then you can reach your potential. With her company Lime Crime, Doe Deer has found a niche where others who also love rainbow colors and bold makeup can express themselves. She was unsure about the potential of her company at first. How many others would be interested in that type of product? But the success of Lime Crime speaks for itself.