Premium Dog Food Experiences A Resurgence

A hungry dog will eat anything. A smart owner who loves the dog will positively not feed the pet “anything”. Instead, the owner chooses to take extra care in order to feed the canine high-quality food. Premium brands serve this purpose, which is why these brands are experiencing surging sales figures. A recent article published by the Daily Herald provides an intriguing look into the world of premium selections. Those who want to buy something special for their pets should look into premium brands.

In the twitter article, consumers are taken to a world they have never visited before. They get to see the inside of the plant in which premium dog food is manufactured. What might shock people is the deliberate process that goes into making the various batches. Both main and supporting ingredients must pass a vigorous selection process in order to added to a batch.

Beneful is a premium brand sold by the Purina company. Beneful boasts some very solid ingredients. The company’s website highlights a grand variety of proteins along with different textures. Chopped beef and chunks of turkey are what dogs can expect for dinner. The proteins are accompanied by numerous trimming and accents including vegetables, rice, and pasta. Beneful definitely boasts some original servings.

The way premium food is cooked is equally careful. No manufacturer wants to serve up anything that falls to meet gourmet standards. After being cooked, taste testing is done to ensure quality. A lot of work goes into making premium food. This is one reason why sales have spiked to over $10 billion per year. And remember, the total revenue of all annual pet food sales is $23+ billion. Premium food brands are now a huge chunk of that figure.

The expansion of brands in retail stores is another reason. How the foods are presented to shoppers is yet another.

Purina Beneful is one brand that makes it easier for shoppers to purchase what they need. Not all customers want small packages. Some want large servings. Of course, there are those who want less voluminous packages. Beneful offers selections in multipacks of 3oz all the way up to re-sealable 10oz containers. Consumers have a lot of options with Beneful.

As long as consumers are given great and varied selections, look for premium foods to continue to grow in popularity.



Famous YouTubers That Rule YouTube

YouTube is a social media site that allows anyone to upload short videos to the site. Those videos are watched by visitors to the site. Any video that is uploaded has a very good potential to go viral. Those viral videos make the YouTuber an overnight sensation on the site. Some might think that famous YouTubers like Wendy Huang rule YouTube. The social media site exploded on the scene back in 2005. It made a splash from the beginning. Here is something worth noting. The most popular or famous YouTube stars have the most subscribers. Most of the Famous YouTubers are experts at building a fan base.

Building A Fan Base
It takes time and dedication to build a huge fan base on YouTube. The fan base is the video viewer on the channel. Most of the viewers tend to become regular viewers, if they like the channel’s videos. Here are a few ways to build the fan base rapidly.
Upload high quality videos on a regular basis to the site.
Let your personality shine and just act naturally.
Start a website or a blog that you connect to your YouTube channel.
Interact with the people that view your videos.
Ask people to share your videos.

The Wonderful World Of Wengie
Wengie is a popular Australian YouTuber that has an amazing fan base. Wendy is all about fashion and beauty. She loves sharing her beauty ideas and passion about fashion with her fan base. The fact is that her channel is one of the top Asian inspired channels in Australia. Wengie or AKA Wendy Huang loves to share tutorials on everyday makeup, hair, fitness, and skin care. Wengie has a very special passion for sharing information about Asian inspired products. Certainly, this is because Asian beauties have difficulty finding information on Asian beauty products. Visit her channel for some of the best beauty and hair tutorials online. Catch her ideas for trendy fashion, skin care, and more. She delivers some really high quality brand new tutorials twice a week. Wengie is definitely natural and one of a kind.

Andy Wirth Leads Battle To Fight The Olympic Valley Incorporation

According to the Reno-Gazette Journal, a big battle between Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC and the residents of the Olympic Valley area reached a head recently, as the residents who have been pushing for the incorporation of the Olympic Valley, have now withdrawn their petition. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings owns resorts in that area and the Placer County Board of Supervisors, a governing body from the Sacramento area, oversees the land’s activities and some locals wished to have it become local. The effort to incorporate the Olympic Valley got struck down by the Local Agency Formation Commission who said it wasn’t sustainable for the locals to hold.

Wirth is also breathing a sigh of relief to what he saw as a fiscally irresponsible move by those leading the incorporation effort, and has stated it would’ve lead to higher taxes and higher costs of living and local services. But thanks to both the incorporation battle ending as well as good ski weather coming in, the company resorts have been able to open. This after the last few years of the ongoing battle.

Andy Wirth, as seen on his page has been the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC now since 2010. He’s been a longtime lover of skiing and testing the slopes and had a near fatal accident while sky diving at one time. It was his recuperation that eventually inspired him to start a foundation helping Navy SEAL individuals who were also going through difficult recuperation, called Wounded Warrior Project. The Foundation has so far raised over $14,000 in support according to Crowdrise, and many have expressed their gratitude to Wirth for starting the foundation.

Through the work Wirth has done, the Olympic Valley’s ski resorts have become one of the top rated skiing places in the world. He has also done work with local environmental and social causes to help make the Lake Tahoe area a better place to live. The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees has even awarded him the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award according to his Wikipedia page.

George Soros On Donald Trump

A recent article in Forbes Magazine describes how George Soros has been criticizing Donald Trump. Soros, a fantastically wealthy investor, is a well-known for championing liberal causes in the United States and for supporting Democratic candidates for office, so his disdain for Trump is no surprise.

Soros gave his opinion recently that Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric, which includes his suggestion that U.S. borders be closed to immigrants from Muslim countries, is actually helping terror group ISIS. George Soros‘ logic is that by making Muslims around the world, including in the United States, feel alienated, they will be more likely to turn to radical Islamic groups such as ISIS and a life of terrorism.

Forbes billionaire George Soros also mentioned that, as a former immigrant himself (he fled Communist Hungary for London in 1947), he understands how it feels to be on the wrong end of xenophobia. Additionally, Soros expressed admiration for German Chancellor Angela Merkel for opening her country to Syrian immigrants, but he also noted that she may have compromised her political capital by doing so.

About George Soros

As described in this official biography, George Soros is a hedge fund billionaire who was born in Hungary in 1930, and survived the brutal Nazi occupation of his country during his youth. When Hungary became a satellite state of the Soviet Union after the Second World War, he was able to immigrate to England and earn a degree from the London School of Economics. Ultimately, he began a business career in the United States and became enormously successful as a hedge fund manager and investor.

Soros is a philanthropist and also a published author. He has written over a dozen books, and his opinion pieces on politics and economics appear regularly in major international magazines and newspapers. He is known for his concern for displaced peoples and for the economically and politically disadvantaged.

Darius Fisher Receives Industry Honors

Darius Fisher likely knew his concept for Status Labs was going to be successful and receive industry accolades. The demand for online reputation management has been growing. The massive increase in revenues generated by Status Labs over the course of three years probably should have been expected. Once again, demand for reputation management services is huge.

Fisher may be surprised at the amount of personal acclaim he is receiving for his work. Recently, PRWeek, the respected public relations industry publication, has honored Fisher by placing his name on the Innovation 50 list. The list highlights those who have done truly amazing things in the world of digital marketing. Only the most innovative of all digital marketers end up receiving mention on the list.

Fisher co-founded Status Labs in 2012 and he currently serves as the company’s president. Status Labs deals with a very unique wing of marketing, promotions, and public relations. Status Labs is hired to fix the images of individuals and businesses that have suffered harm in the wake of troubling or even embarrassing public revelations. 1,500+ clients have turned to Status Labs thanks to the effective promotional work Fisher has performed.

People who suffer from a reputation crisis and the crisis has grown due to exposure on the internet have no idea what to do about the scenario. Honestly, they should not do anything on their own. Only those who really understand what is required to fix things should be contacted. Fisher’s extensive background as a professional copywriter and former political consultant provided him with interesting insights into how to approach things. He also came up with interesting and effective ways to promote Status Labs such as putting forth free crisis management advice to those impacted by the Ashley Madison hacking.

Fisher also spoke publicly at major industry events and has made himself accessible for news interviews. Not only did Fisher raise the profile of himself and his company, he drew significant attention to the importance of online reputation and brand management. Fisher also raised awareness about how effective digital marketing, SEO, and public relations tactics can fix things in full or part.

Being named to the Innovation 50 list is a major accomplishment. Look for Fisher to receive many more honors as Status Labs continues to do well.

Sergio Cortes Does More Than Impersonate Michael Jackson

A recent interview with Sergio Cortes from R7 shows that he is more than someone who impersonates a celebrity as a career. There are many people who do impersonations as part of their job, but Sergio is someone who is steeped in the history of the greatest entertainer in history. This article explains how Sergio Cortes came to take the identity of Michael Jackson as a sacred trust, his approach and his ability.

#1: Sergio Started At Any Early Age

Sergio was asked at an early age to dress up as Michael Jackson for a photo shoot, and he immediately to the part. He looks very much like Michael, and he wanted to regain that feeling as often as possible. Sergio learned that he could sing like Michael if he tried, and he began to learn the dance moves that went along with all the songs. His career started because of one chance encounter.

#2: The Exacting Standards Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was one of the most perfectionistic people in the history of music. He wanted all the dance moves, all the songs and the concerts to be perfect. He knew that he could be perfect, and he wanted that from all the people who worked around him. Sergio attempts to keep up this tradition by giving concerts that would have made Michael proud. Every song, every dance move and every concert is set up to be perfect.

#3: The Sacred Trust

The sacred trust that Sergio believes he carries is the memory of Michael Jackson. He wanted to be respectful of Michael during his life, and Sergio takes the job that much more seriously because Michael is no longer with us. Sergio wants to appear to look just like Michael, and he even wants to speak like Michael. People who come to see Sergio perform want to see someone who is just like Michael, and Sergio hopes that he gives people that experience at his concerts.

Sergio Cortes has dedicated his life to performing the music and dance moves of Michael Jackson, and his storied career is filled with milestones that show his skill and dedication. The sacred trust that Sergio keeps as an impersonator of Michael Jackson is important to him, and he wants that dedication to shine through. He sounds like Michael, moves like Michael and looks like Michael. The quality of the performance is of the highest order.

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Securus Technology Updates Their Patented THREADS Software

Securus Technologies is the number one at criminal and corrections software provisions. It is known for its intelligent and easy to use software that has prevented numerous crimes. It provides software that helps in crime investigations, recon services, inmate communication monitoring, prison and corrections services.


This December, Securus launched its latest iteration of its widely powerful and successful THREAD software. It will improve upon the mighty predecessor. The new release loads faster, has fewer bugs, is easy to use and an easy to use interface that emphasizes swipes and clicks.


THREAD 3.1 Is based upon HTML 5. It means the video visitation software can run on any web-enabled device and will just be scaled on the screen of that instrument. It still preserves its powerful processing power as it leverages the power of cloud computing.


The HTML 5 support also means that it is easy to integrate other Securus products like its inmate phone calls system called Secure Call Platform. It is thus easier to combine all the proceedings into one and scale them. It also means it is very easy to train new users due to its small learning curve.


THREAD has support for SCP, and will provide ongoing analysis of calls and give reports. It uses big data analytics to point out relationships that were hitherto unknown.


THREAD has for a long time been the industry standard for corrections software. It is the most widely used software with over 2200 prison using it in the US alone. THREAD 3.1 was revealed has platinum level offerings.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986.It has grown in the last two decades to provide top level services. It has over 100 patents and 35 pending ones. It is based in Dallas but has offices in Atlanta.


Securus provides software for use by both inmates and corrections officer. It provides video visitation via software that will encourage you to visit clients at your discretion rather than get into long queues.


Securus technologies have an extremely qualified workforce that allows it to provide top services. Its software has helped more than 1.2 million inmates in 45 states in the US get smooth visitation rights.


Securus Technology is also certified and adheres to the highest industry standards. It has also attained a reputation for its highly professional customer service.


Securus Technology has provided Americans with increased security while making sure inmates get a good communication treatment.


Magic Mike Strikes Again

Magic Mike strikes again, in the second installment of the Magic Mike movies…Magic Mike XXL, features Channing Tatum as an extremely physically athletic, and amazing dancer/male stripper. Magic Mike, along with his old group of buddies, had moved on from the group, and had even started his own business; when he suddenly begins to miss his old days as a male stripper, after three years.

He rekindles his relationship with this group of close old male friends, and reunites with them to embark on another adventure, at a dance convention for strippers. Magic Mike interacts with the group, jumps the hurdles, in order reconnect with the men, and explode back into the world of male dancing, as they travel on the road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC to the convention.

“The Kings of Tampa,” as they are called, bring male bonding experiences and testosterone. Women they meet along the way include the beautiful Crystal Hunt’s character, named Lauren. Lauren is part of group of wealthy women. Her character, Lauren is friends with Megan, the young daughter, of a woman that Magic Mike’s group meets along the way. The woman’s group, is excited to interact with the group of exciting and experienced young men. One of the men brings the wealthy woman’s character, played
by Andie MacDowell, out of her shell.

Crystal Hunt, is an actress, and producer. She has had many professional acting roles during her young life. She has had roles in the daytime dramas Guiding Light, and One Life to Live. Her acting experience includes playing a stripper on One Life to Live. She has been in Pop TV’s Queens of Drama which she extensively plugged on her Instagram, and the film Magic Mike XXL. Crystal is also into producing projects, and the first she has made is called “Talbot County.” She is from Clearwater,Florida; and she owns a pet company there called “My Pet’s Dream.”

Ricardo Guimaraes Launches The BR1 Athletic Fund

Athletes in all sports have always known they have a short career span that must include making as much money as possible as fast as possible. Understanding how to do this has always been a major problem for those who are struggling to make sure they live the rest of their lives in comfort and a style that reflects their playing career. Ricardo Guimaraes has been a fan of soccer for many years and sought to use his time as chairman of the BMG bank to push forward the best options in sponsoring a number of teams in the Brazilian national soccer championship.

Guimaraes has never sought to simply continue to operate the BMG bank in the way his ancestors did when it was founded. Guimaraes has been involved in the running of BMG since the 1980s and spent a large period of time working in different areas before seizing control of the company after a period of learning. Guimaraes has seen BMG shift its focus from providing funding for mining and auto loans to payroll loans being made across Brazil. This movement to a new area of focus led to BMG being a major supplier of loans to the top companies in Brazil, which has also led to a new interests in sports financing taking over the work of Ricardo Guimaraes.

The latest interest in sports finances has led Ricardo Guimaraes to look for new ways of providing funding for the soccer teams and players at the highest levels of Brazilian sports. Sports finances have been changed forever by the establishment of the BR1 fund, which uses the future salaries and image rights of the top players to allow funding to be found for investment opportunities. More than 50 top soccer players have already signed up for the fund established and designed by Ricardo Guimaraes with an estimated value of $50 million. Securing the futures of many of the top athletes in Brazil has now become the main focus for Ricardo Guimaraes as he continues to look for new ways of changing the financial face of Brazil.

The Success of a Successful PR Firm

Status Labs is an online reputation firm that specializes in creating positive content for any individual or institution with the use of web browsers such as Google. Recently in news, Status Labs has released their statistical growth of 2015. It has been reported that Status Labs has had over 939 percent of growth within the three years that Status Labs has been around. This digital marketing and public relations firm has increased in total revenue from the 2014 statistics by 39 percent.

Darius Fisher who is the President and co-founder of Status Labs comments on the fact that Status Labs’ success can be attributed to the expert team members who have created a dynamic strategy to create positive content on every single client. Those who work at Status Labs not only demonstrate passion, but also demonstrate dedication to working for an online reputation management firm.

Status Labs is even proud to say that the company has signed up 160 new clients. These new clients work in a variety of industries that make Status Labs a diverse and versatile company to work with. These industries that Status Labs works with include financing, technology, politics, beauty, health care, philanthropy and many other industries.

The team at Status Labs helps individuals that include political figures, executives, as well as public figures that all need a positive online reputation management. Even members of the Fortune 500 companies have gone to Status Labs for assistance in online reputation management. The clients of Status Labs understands the team’s unique process of developing strategic public relations as well as utilizing social media in order to make the most positive outcome for any individual.

Status Labs is a growing company that has plans to increase the number of employees in the Austin, Texas location, the Sao Paulo location, as well as the New York City location. Darius Fisher is the leader of this company and has an extensive background in reputation management in politics. His expertise has enabled the company to grow and become one of the top companies in 2015. Darius Fisher states that Status Labs will continue to exponentially grow.