Skout, a One-Of-A-Kind App for Dating, Chatting and Flirting

Skout, a geo-based online social meeting hub, and a dating application is one of the first of its kind. Much like dating websites, you can find and meet new people. However, with Skout, you can locate them based on their general location. The app is available for iOS as well as Android systems, and in 2013, reported over 500m connections of people using the app.

Skout uses a GPS to aid users in locating others near their area, although it will not divulge the precise location. And, users can choose to forego the option of geo-tracking by adjusting the settings within the app. Furthermore, a GPS location reveal is only for the adult user community.

When users search the site, they can view profiles with recent activities of Skout users and can then instant message the ones they are interested in speaking to. Another option available with the Skout application website is the ability to send gifts – virtual gifts—to other skout users. Communities within the Skout app, both of teens and adults, are kept completely separate, and mixing of the two is not possible. Skout is used worldwide and in over a dozen languages and in countless countries.

Skout also provides a feature for traveling, allowing its users to meet others in the city they are traveling. As a paid feature, Skout Travel is perfect for dating when on vacation or business trips.

An additional feature offered through Skout is the Shake to Chat feature. This extra will connect its users to others who shake their phones while using the app. And, as an added privacy feature, Shake to Chat users remain anonymous for nearly one minute after starting a Shake to Chat conversation.

A universal platform for making friends, chatting, or finding a date, Skout offers an alluring interface and one that is very similar to Facebook.

What we like about Skout!

Exciting Application: Having more than 100m downloads internationally, Skout boasts the greatest active social network sites for mobile users on Google Play. No matter if you’re a male or female, and are in search of fun flirting and chatting, Skout offers plenty of people nearby throughout the day to withstand a photo stream titled Buzz.

Shake to Chat: Shaking your phone or tablet will start a connection with a random Skout users another shaker from anywhere in the world. Once the session begins, you can chat and view the profile as long as you like. This creative method to meeting and connecting with new people demonstrates how fun a social networking application like this can be. Warning, you’ll soon become a Skout addict, even though not all links are necessarily appealing.

Great Interaction Tool: Skout features, such as; comments, likes, virtual gifting, backstage photos, and Shake to Chat allow you to can unlock a world you’d otherwise never know. The ability to interact with such a diverse set of people is amazing while locating new friends and possibly love connections, near your location, is a great tool to have nearby.

Aberchrombie & Fitch: Desperate Desire to be Cool

We all remember a few years ago when Aberchrombie and Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries completely destroyed any credibility the company might have by saying that he has no desire to provide anything that can be worn by a person above a size 10. Seeing as the US is known as a country that produces very few people within those narrow parameters, that was well beyond shooting yourself in the foot, and more akin to shooting yourself in the head. It seems that, according to , the company has finally wised up and gotten rid of him.

But will that be enough? A brand that is already deeply damaged by their fat-shaming remarks and questionable attitude towards charity has dug a pretty big pit that may be impossible to climb out of. They’re shamelessly clamoring for the attention of generation z on social media, with a well-run Facebook campaign, Dave and Brit Morin from Linkedin notice the most marked change can be found in their brick & mortar establishments. No more will mall shoppers be accosted by half naked teenagers trying to lure them into a store with a limited selection. No more will their be shopping bags that look like they came from an adult entertainment venue rather than a clothing store. The company is desperately trying to rebrand itself as a safe, all-American teen hangout. Will they succeed? Only time will tell.


Fashion and Age

Every year fashion world release their new collections for the people. The collection has every kind of apparel for the fashion freaks, especially for the young ones. The collections rarely show anything for the older people.

This year British stores have decided to dedicate the work for the Bright Old Things aka BOTs. Several men and women of older age group are moving into the fashion industry when most of the people are thinking to say good-bye to the fashionable stuff.

Julia Roberts, the 47-year old star, is the face of Givenchy; same thing goes for Dolce-Gabbana who is going to feature three grandmothers in their next advertisement. Selfridges’ creative director, Linda Hewson, explained that we have to think of something new, we have to know what is new and what is next. Fersen Lambraho will be able to see these fashion trends for the aged this season.

Therefore, on this initiative she said that we decided to turn that on its head. The older people are excited because they will walk the ramp and behave like seasoned models. There is one issue, may not be an issue, but little problem that catwalks related to short skirts, skinny trousers and sleeveless.

It is not known how the older people will react to this, and whether they agree to wear skirts and sleeveless or not. That is why fashion has a two-faced face, and you look glamorous when you are young and lame when you are old.

4-Year-Old Fashion Prodigy to Design Line for J.Crew

When four-year-old Mayhem first began designing beautiful dresses out of construction paper, scissors and tape, her mother, who helps assemble some of the visions her young daughter has, created an Instagram account to document her little curator’s talent. The creations found loads of attention in the media as well as iconic fashion brands, and now a year later, the toddler has been approached by J. Crew to help design a collection for Spring 2015.

The creative process was an interesting one. Mayhem created her dresses using paper, colorful gift wrapping tape, jewels and other arts and craft supplies, and then the designers at J. Crew turned them into actual garments. Many are initially skeptical upon hearing of Mayhem’s talent. Most kindergartners are, after all, usually learning how to sloppily write their name, not designing fashion wear. But Jenny Cooper, Head of Crewcuts Design, insists that the young designer is as talented as she’s made out to be. She recalls in fond amazement how Mayhem would begin to meticulously fold the pleats of a skirt, or place stones carefully along the hem of a shirt she had just created. She says that the girl is “inventive” and has a “creative personality that really resonated with all of us.” 

Economist Christian Broda notes that although she may be an artistic prodigy, Mayhem is still very much a child, who say that her favorite activity outside of designing clothes is riding her bike, and for Christmas just wants a stick pony.

The collection inspired by her design will hit J. Crew stores in early 2015.