Brian Bonar, The MasterMind Behind ITEC

The financial world requires a keen eye for strategy to be successful, a trait that Brian Bonar has brought to Imaging Techniques when he took over as CEO. Growing a business such as this one demands a steady flow of customers, requiring either steady marketing to new clientele or the acquisition of a company that has a reliable consumer base. While both methods tend to be successful, there is a slight edge when you buy-out an established company.

Brian Bonar plays this high stakes acquisition game strategically, procuring a flow of successful firms that will help ITEC increase its business practices through new successful revenue channels. ITEC has been expanding from its cornerstone market of imaging products and services into certain administrative functions and professional employee services to better serve their target audience of small to medium sized businesses. These sectors can provide a lucrative stream of revenue as they are constantly growing and these services offer ITEC the opportunity to leverage their office products and services to a greater customer base, improving customer service and products.

This type of acquisition will provide over forty million dollars in revenue to Imaging Technology this year and will provide growth services to the bought-out companies, as they are able to rely on their parent company for great levels of capital. Brian Bonar has stated that this acquisition is the first of many as ITEC positions themselves to grow into new ventures, allowing their new mergers to flow profits directly into the parent company.

Bonar’s decades of experience in the in electronic and finance arena has honed his strategic edge to a fine point, and that experience is paying off as he provides ITEC with opportunities to expand. He is integrating their services just as ITEC provides bundled solutions for system software for a seamless solution for a company that has been expanding since 1982.

It is pretty accurate to say that Brian Boner is a man of many things. But the one thing most people know him as is a man of many accomplishments. There is much to be said about the way in which Brian Boner navigates through his area of expertise. From his expansive portfolio, to his ability to become Chairman of the Board at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian Boner has set the bar high and will continue to do so for years to come.

Brian Bonar a True Man of Business

For over 20 years now Brain Bonar (68), has been shaping the face of business. His esteem history includes over seeing the high growth rate of companies like IBM in Asia and the USA. His business aptitude as helped the growth of business in the European markets as well.

At present Bonar resides has the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Treasurer of the issuer, and Chairman of the Board for Trucept, Inc.

Bonar has been described as being “popular” by his peers, while his popularity may be up for debate, there is no debating his successful resume that includes overseeing operations for companies like Dlrada Financial Corporation, and others like it.

Bonar has impressive technical background that includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College, and as well a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Understanding Bonar’s educational background in engineering helps to explain his ability to “build” business structures that are strong enough to with stand the storms in the market place.

Bonar began his career as procurement manager for IBM. After 18 years with IBM, Bonar signed on as Director of Engineering for QMS. There he managed a staff of over 100 people. Bonar’s next stop landed him Adaptec, where he was Sales Manger. At the next stage of Bonar’s career he tried his hand at entrepreneurship and started his own company called Bezier Systems.

It took several other stops at corporations before Bonar landed at Dalrada Financial Services where he was able to direct the corporation towards a period of growth.

Bonar received the Who’s Who in America in 2000. In his spare time Bonar enjoys golf, boating, and quality family time.

In business Bonar specializes in mergers and acquisitions. His success in business has been accredited to the combination of his technical aptitude in in engineering and his architectural creativity.

Bonar is able to produce success for Trucept. Trucept helps to bridge gaps for small and medium sized companies by offering task management, including the management of payroll, human resources, and employee benefits. Trucept allows business to focus on their everyday operations, by taking care of some of the more daunting task in business for them.

Trucept handles task such as creating packages for benefits, and poising companies so they can better address their tax and payroll needs. Trucept also specializes in risk management. Risk management is an important step towards starting up a business, and maintaining the success of businesses.

If today’s market report that finds Trucept Inc. trending upwards at 66.67% with a volume of 1.2m. If this is any indicator of what the future holds for Trucept with Bonar at the helm than the future looks bright for both Trucept Inc. and Bonar a true man of business.

Doe Deere: The Courage to Go With Your Ideas

It has always been said that women must live in a man’s world. History is filled with examples of valiant women who became leaders in their field, regardless of the oppressive protocols of the day. We read stories about womensuch as Mary Ann Evans, who had to use a man’s name in order to get her writings published. Several historical women became successful entrepreneurs at a time when society looked down on female leaders. Some of them include Margaret Philipse, Brownie Wise, Lillian Vernon, and many others.

Fortunately, women do not face quite as much repression as they did years ago. However, studies have shown that female leaders have to work harder than their male peers to receive the proper recognition for their accomplishments. I belong to an association that helps women entrepreneurs develop their ideas into profitable businesses. It is empowering to be surrounded by a group of women just like me who want to bring their ideas to the world.

Recently, our chapter attended a national seminar that highlighted female entrepreneurs. It was so exciting to get to meet some of the most powerful women leaders in business and industry and to hear their stories. None of these women had anything handed to them as beginners. They discussed the struggles and failures they overcame when they were establishing their businesses. Their stories and passion resonated throughout the whole civic center.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed every speaker, I was particularly inspired by Doe Deere. She shared about leaving her home country of Russia as a young teenager and immigrating to New York City. Her courage and creativity was truly amazing. Deere formed a musical group with some other talented friends and began performing in different venues. She said that she felt her best when she was onstage singing for their fans.

Deere said that she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit about her. As early as junior high school, she was designing and selling temporary tattoos to all of her friends. While in the band, Deere wanted to wear unique, flashy costumes. She learned to sew when she was a child, so it was no problem for her to design her own clothes now. So many people loved her creations that she decided to design and sell clothes online. She called her little online boutique LimeCrime, just for a fun rhythm.

In the beginning, Deere modeled all of her designs in her business. She was never happy with the dull makeup choices at the time, so Deere said that she created her own wild and wonderful colors. Customers fell in love with the color choices and orders started to fill her email. Today, LimeCrime is a multi-million dollar business that sells Deere’s unique blends of lipstick, eye shadows, blushes, glitters, and nail polish. At the end of her presentation, Deere challenged us to take our ideas and make them happen. I am astonished at what one woman could do when she put her mind to it. I believe that we all can do it, just like Doe Deere said.

The Basics of Dog Health

As a pet owner you receive wet kisses, furry sleeping partners, and the unconditional love of a canine you know will always be waiting there at your door. However, in order to get this love you take on the full responsibility of maintaining your dog’s health. Unfortunately, pets cannot take care of themselves, so it is up to us to keep them healthy. There are numerous things that you need to do to ensure that your dog leads a full and healthy life. Here are just a few of the basics.

First off, you need to make sure that you keep your dog vaccinated on a regular basis. It is important to follow the recommended shot schedule to make sure that your dog stays safe at all times. Many people skip shots on because they feel they aren’t important, but doing this could potentially mean exposure to a disease that is life threatening, extremely painful, or worse yet deadly. Plus, most of the time if the disease is curable it is expensive. You can skip all of this turmoil and simply vaccinate your dog according to the recommended schedule.

Next up on the list is diet. In order to keep your dog healthy you have to make sure that you give them a great healthy diet. You can do this by choosing a dog food brand like Purina’s Beneful that promises your dog many years of healthy life. Beneful comes in different varieties and textures including wet and dry so that dogs of all sizes can enjoy it. Beneful on also offers special healthy options such as healthy weight, puppy, senior, and more to make sure that your dog gets the right nutrition. By feeding your dog correctly without too many table scraps you can help ensure he or she lives out a full lifespan.

Of course, a healthy diet alone is not going to be enough to ensure that your dog stays healthy. Just like humans need to get exercise on a daily basis so do our dogs. However, the amount of exercise your dog needs will vary on the breed that you have. For instance, a small Chow will likely be delighted with some fetch or a small walk. On the other hand, a large Lab needs a nice lengthy walk and regular outdoor play. A fenced in yard that allows him or her to gallop around is a great addition to their regular day. It is important to choose a dog that meets your activity level so that everyone remains healthy and happy.

Finally, in order to keep your pet healthy feed them Beneful and you also need to keep him or her happy. This however is not a difficult task to accomplish. Simply make sure you spend some time every day petting your dog, taking them out, and just generally being around them. Dogs are pack animals, so as long as you allow your dog to participate in your activities or hang out in the room with you they will generally be content.

Makeup Tips You Need To Follow

Makeup is pretty tough for you to think about doing since there are so many things involved with makeup. Makeup is pretty tough to do at times unless you have real experience under her belt. Use these tricks to help you improve your makeup and look your best whenever you choose.

– Cold Weather

Believe it or not, cold weather can help you avoid a melting face that can end up making your skin get messed up with all the makeup. If the weather is too hot, you may have some of the makeup fall off naturally. It’s vital that you make sure you stay in a cooler atmosphere as you apply your makeup to help your makeup stay on constantly.

– Blush And Color

When trying to add blush to your cheeks and adding color, always start off small and light before you go full out. The reason behind this is that applying more makeup and going slower is always much easier than having to remove the makeup. Blush and color is all about effects, so be sure to strive to achieve a quality foundation before you head off and start going for the colors and glitter.

– Use Doe’s Makeup

Doe Deere is known for crafting some of the most beautiful makeup in the industry. Doe has created some unique products in her makeup line, Lime Crime. This company is known for offering only the best products in the industry. She has crafted some of the best products that are easy to use, simple on the skin, and helpful on giving you only the best products. Her colors, unique outgoing style, and how she crafts her products definitely makes this one of the best brands.

If you want to achieve massive success, then the above makeup tips are definitely going to help you out in the future. The brand is one of the best in the world today, and they continue to look for the most special ingredients to keep makeup natural, organic, and cruelty-free. Continue to use the right tricks to help you apply your makeup as best as possible.


Purina Petcare is a subsidiary company of the Nestle food franchise and one of the largest pet food manufacturers globally. They have followed in the footsteps of their mother company regarding pet nutrition, health and well-being. The company associated with the promotion of human-pet relationships and responsible pet practice. The Purina Stores Beneful Dog brand offers the most nutritious and tasty Dog formula in the pet food market. It comes in wet and dry options and gives the company huge sales figures. Purina prides itself in the penetration of the brand in over 10 million households in the US alone. The Beneful brand has been produced by the firm on Petco for almost 15 years now in various facilities spread across the world. Earlier this year, unfounded allegations regarding the brand’s quality came out. The potentially bad scenario prompted Purina to launch massive Public relations campaigns to counter the allegations and corresponding lawsuit. This campaign was published by PR Newswire. Link, The new campaign features the firm’s workers; clients, partners, and associates sampled from various departments and customer circles. The customers speak highly of the product and how they rely on it for all their pet nutrition needs. The staff and partners describe the level of hard work and dedication of Purina’s team. According to them, every gram and every bag produced by the company undergoes comprehensive quality control and assurance. The credibility, care, and accountability of the staff at Purina also receives an appraisal. The employees provide testimonials of how they also use Beneful to feed their pets. This campaign serves as a shot in the arm for the publicity of Purina and its key brand. The Purina Pride campaign also promotes the culture of Purina. This culture stems from a shared concern and love for pets. It has since gone viral on influential newspapers, magazines and digital media platforms.

Adam Sender Wants The World To See The Beauty In His Collection

Art collectors are individuals who see beauty in the little things better than most people. They are able to see a piece of art and know whether it has value, or not. They are able to take pieces and put them into a collection that is worth a lot more than any of the pieces would be on their own. Art collectors are a special group of people with a special talent. They also have to have a bit of money in order to be able to afford all of the artwork, which makes art collectors a bit more rare than they would be otherwise.

There are a lot of people who love and appreciate art, and there are some collectors who realize that, and who are willing to let the whole world see the collections that they have made for themselves. Adam Sender has done that. He wanted to be able to show off the collection of beautiful pieces that he has made for himself, and he and his wife worked hard to make sure that they would be able to do that. They are setting up their art collection for viewing in Miami, so that many other people can appreciate all of the beauty that he has found in the various pieces of art that he has collected over the years.

Art is something that is meant to be shared. Beauty is something that should never be hidden away, for only a few individuals to see. Adam Sender realizes that. And that is why he is showing off his collection to everyone who wants to see it. He has put it on display so that the beauty in each of the pieces won’t go to waste.

Art collectors are able to find the beauty in the pieces that they see, and thanks to the money that they have, they are able to put together some amazing collections. And now, thanks to the kind heart of Adam Sender, others who are not able to collect art themselves are able to see a beautiful collection that one art collector has put together. It is a special thing to be able to view it, and it is great that Adam Sender and his wife took it upon themselves to let the world see the beauty that is in their art collection.

The Man That Sold the Atlanta Hawks

In June of 2015 the sale of the Atlanta Hawks was approved by the NBA’s Board of Governors. The rumored price tag was $850 million. But, who was the man that sold the team?

That man’s name is Bruce Levenson. Levenson was born in Chevy Chase, MD and attended college at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Mr. Levenson co-founded his first company at the age of 28; he called it United Communications Group (UCG). The company centered on data, news and analysis for various fields including healthcare, the oil industry, energy, mortgage banking and telecommunications. When it began UCG was mostly a newsletter, Levenson quickly began buying the rights to other newsletters and later launched database services.

In 2004, Levenson and his UCG Co-Founder Ed Peskowitz helped form Atlanta Spirit LLC. The LLC was a collection of businessmen who got together to purchase the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Both Levenson and Peskowitz were majority stake holders in the LLC. The LLC also purchased the Atlanta Thrashers NHL team in the deal but sold it in 2011.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been very active in philanthropic pursuits as well. He’s worked with the Community Foundation in Washington D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation, both of which work to help youth have access to educational and economic opportunities.

Mr. Levenson is also a founding donor for the National Holocaust museum and helps fund the museum’s “Bringing Lessons Home” program. His mother-in-law is a Holocaust survivor. Levenson also works with various other Jewish programs and charities like Birthright Israel and the Jewish Federation.

Levenson and his wife Karen helped to start work on the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland, Karen Levenson’s alma mater. They provided start-up money for the institution to help educate students in the ways of leadership for non-profit organizations. In 2012 the center started the “Do Good Challenge” which challenges students to raise money for worthy causes, volunteer their time and reach out to less fortunate people. The Challenge has raised over $250,000 for causes and logged over 200,000 volunteer hours by the students.

In 2013 Levenson joined other prominent American Jewish people in urging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work closely with American Secretary of State John Kerry to develop new programs and initiatives to ensure the safety and security of Israel and its population. The group asked the Prime Minister to see the wisdom in negotiating territory for peace and prosperity.

Today Mr. Levenson has private residences in both Atlanta and Potomac, MD with his wife. They have three sons.


Emerging trends in the health care industry have service providers implementing expansion strategies to meet demand. The surge of chronic diseases and illnesses has brought about new research and technology establishments to come up with countermeasures.

Formerly known as Northstar Healthcare, Nobilis health is an innovative healthcare firm that partners with other players in the industry to offer medical solutions. Nobilis health owns around ten medical facilities in Texas and Arizona and a Houston-based surgical center. Other facilities scattered around the country include six ambulatory surgery centers, an urgent care facility as well as two MRI centers. The demand for the services is high, and the firm links with other centers around the country to offer their services.

It is important to note the trends in global healthcare that make Nobilis health and other providers flourish. First, there is demand for digitization in the market. Most of the methods used in the past were manual in nature and cannot guarantee precision as with new technology. Scanning allows experts to analyze and predict trends. Secondly, the focus of businesses on the patient and the integration of consumer friendly practices is a useful marketing tool. Also, patients increasingly weren’t the cheapest, least intrusive and personalized treatment procedures available. Lastly, the emphasis on wellness and prevention of illnesses has promoted health insurance schemes.

The factors discussed above have largely contributed to the success and growth of the industry. Today, healthcare has undergone transformation overtaking traditionally lucrative sectors like banking in a very short span of time. The benefits of this revolution accrue to both the patients and the service providers. The per capita costs of healthcare have gone down. Thanks to the efforts of governments, the health status of societies is working for the better, and the experience of care services is very commendable.

The statistics on revenues and sales favor Nobilis health. Being able to offer successfully innovative and personalized surgical procedures is a vote of confidence. The company now seeks at expanding its facilities throughout the nation. This motive is easily be achieved by the mergers and acquisitions with other service providers in the destination markets. Fortunately for Nobilis Health, this trend is already prevalent in the industry. Healthcare providers desire that instant impact and presence in a market, it’s, therefore, prudent to acquire the services of an already established outlet and do the rebranding. This method saves time and resources.

Other health care giants in the industry include McKesson, with an annual revenue income of $138billion with an increase of 12% during the same period. This firm ranks 14th of the Fortune 500 list of 2014. McKesson prides itself in being the primary pharmaceutical distributor in the US and Germany. Their presence in the German market results from the acquisition of Celesio into its wholesale distribution chain. They also develop medical technology such as record systems.

The nature of the healthcare industry today is such that the combined efforts and collaborations with firms ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Citadel and The CEO Mr. Griffin

Ken Griffin is a philanthropist, advisor, academic expert, and hedge fund manager. Mr. Griffin currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, where his company Citadel is located and operated from. Citadel is an extremely important investing hedge fund company. As a matter of fact, Citadel is by far one of the largest companies of its variety in the world.

Mr. Ken Griffin has been listed in Forbes so many times it is difficult to keep up with. Since Mr. Ken Griffin has such an exceptional education and understanding of the investing world, he knows almost exactly how to maximize profits and reduce risks in nearly every investing situation he has ever been in. It should be duly noted that Mr. Griffin got a university degree with a bachelor’s from Harvard University in economics. Economics is one of the most difficult majors at most colleges because the familiarity with math one must have and ability to decipher the meaning of a current state of a market or markets to determine what is going on.

Mr. Griffin actually had his own hedge fund in college, despite in not having a name. Mr. Ken Griffin went on to found Citadel, but this hedge fund was just a precursor to the incredibly large investing firm that Citadel became. His hedge fund while a sophomore at college focused on convertible arbitrages, which is effectively a great way to reduce the risk of losing money while having the potential for substantial returns. Mr. Griffin earned a lot of money from the investments given to the hedge fund by Ken Griffin’s immediate family members.

It strikes most people as far from impressive that Mr. Ken Griffin had the ability to keep up with real-time information about the stock market. But, get this: Ken Griffin had an antenna installed in his room to ensure that he could keep up with the latest information and be able to call options and sell and buy stocks when it was the best time to do so.

Mr. Ken Griffin is an avid investor of money art pieces and paintings. Mr. Griffin has bought many art pieces for millions of dollars per piece, including some of the most famous paintings in history. Mr. Griffin has also donated a few paintings to various art institutes in the Chicago area. One of these pieces he has bought is called Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl.

Speaking of how much Mr. Griffin has given paintings away, he has also donated to many places in Chicago and around the world. he has helped fund the construction of a high school, the University of Chicago’s Early Childhood Center, and the Field Museum of Natural History. It is also known that Harvard University has received the highest donation ever in its long history from Mr. Ken Griffin in the form of $150,000,000. This is a lot of money for anybody, even for Mr. Ken Griffin at an estimated net worth of seven billion US dollars. Talk about a lot of money.