Yeonmi Park Flees North Korea, Turns to Activism

Yeonmi Park is a public figure rapidly rising in popularity due to her bravery and strong voice when discussing the every day struggles that North Koreans are going through, thanks to the oppressive dictatorship that runs the country. Park lived in North Korea until she was 13 years old when she and her mother fled the country. What followed was two years of pain and torture that saw Park and her mother pushed to their very limits. Eventually the mother-daughter duo would escape and make it to America. Here they are raising their voices for the oppressed and for other key human issues that plague the Earth.

Yeonmi Park points to the dissolving of the Soviet Union as the beginning of her home country’s primary issues. When the Soviet Union fell the favorable trade agreements that had been in place went with it. North Korea soon was pressed to meet the same profits that they had done prior and with an oppressive dictator in place the poor were quickly neglected. Poverty, hunger, disease, and violence reigned over the ensuing years and it was in this terror filled environment that Yeonmi Park grew up. Her father took to smuggling metals to China in order to earn more money for his family but he was soon caught and sent to a labor camp.

North Korea, as described by speaker Hannah Song, is a “70 year long extreme cult of personality” where the leaders begin to become “deified”. Song is the CEO of Liberty in North Korea, which is an underground railroad for North Korean refugees, and she has taken up the mantle alongside Yeonmi Park. Song wanted to stress that all North Koreans were not “passive victims of the regime” and she pointed to Yeonmi Park as a huge example.

Yeonmi told that her mother were forced to take up with a sketchy Chinese smuggler who ended up getting them out of the country by way of the Yulu River. They eventually made it across the border where they were sold into human trafficking. The trafficker who ‘saved’ them was the first to rape Yeonmi’s mother, but he wouldn’t be the last. Yeonmi’s mother did everything she could to shield her daughter from the brutal reality of their new situation, but it wasn’t enough. Eventually Yeonmi was ‘purchased’ to become a rich man’s mistress. He also bought her mother and father to ‘keep the family together’.

For two years Park and her family endured suffering that is almost impossible to describe. Her father, freed of his labor camp, soon passed away from colon cancer and had to be buried in the dark with nobody around to listen to her cries. Eventually enough was too much and the pair fled China by way of the Gobi Desert, making the trek in -40 degree weather with three other refugees. They would eventually find safety and freedom and now are using their new position to help those that currently suffer. Yeonmi Park isn’t one to sit idly by and she’s using her voice for a very great cause.

The Early Career Of The Award Winning Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is renowned plastic surgeon that is practicing out of Austin, Texas. She was originally raised in Austin, and she grew up in the Northwest Hills neighborhood. Dr. Walden attended and graduated from Anderson High School. While she was at Anderson High she was also an all-state soccer player and outstanding academic achiever. Following high school she went to the University of Texas at Austin where she graduated with Honors for her undergraduate for a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She went on to get her Medical Doctorate the University of Texas Medical Branch where she graduated with Highest Honors and as the class Saluatorian. At the same time, she was also made the president of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society for the Texas chapter.

Dr. Walden then went on to do an externship at a well known and respected plastic surgery clinic in Miami known as the Plastic Surgery Associates. She worked primarily under Dr. James Stuzin and Dr. Thomas Baker. Both of those doctors are considered to be highly respected teachers and pioneers in the areas of anatomy and facelift surgery. She also received many awards and accolades early on in her surgical career such as the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award, the Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and an award from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for the best scientific exhibit in 2004.

When she finished her residency she made a complete move to New York so she could go further in her career as an aesthetic surgeon. She was one of a few doctors selected out of a competitive pool to work at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. While she was in the fellowship at that hospital she had the privilege of working under some of the best aesthetic plastic surgeons in the country, and she even had the benefit of learning from the expertise of some internationally renowned aesthetic plastic surgeons. It was there that she was able to learn and hone breakthrough techniques for plastic surgery on the body, breasts and face. She remained in the fellowship while she was a partner in her practice in Manhattan, and she stayed there until she decided to move back to Austin. As in every other area of her career, she was respected and excelled while she was at the fellowship, and she filled the position of program director there too.

Dr. Walden ultimately decided to move back to Austin for her twin sons. She has set up an immensely successful and highly rated practice, and she has continued to rack up awards and accolades for her work. Anyone who is interested in getting a consultation or work done by her can visit

I’m Enjoying Myself On The Skout Network

My friends thought I was lying when I told them I was going online to start dating. I’ve always said that I was going to start looking for a date, but everyone was calling my bluff. I haven’t dated in almost 5 years, and it was because when my last relationship ended it made me very bitter against men. I honestly believed that there were no good men left out there, but I probably wasn’t seeing the bigger picture. I’ve always relied on my friends or family members to find me someone to date, and that could be the reason why my relationships in the past ended badly.

My last relationship ended the worst, but I’ve had several bad relationships before that. I decided that this time would be the first time that I started looking for my own dates on, and maybe I would find the right person instead of the jerks that I kept going out with. I only thought of online dating because I know that it has more people online than anywhere in my town that I can go. If I go to church, there might be 10 eligible bachelors there.

A bar that I go to once in a while has the same old faces, so there is no point in dating there. I even go and play bingo once a week, but most of the people there are much older than I am. I felt online dating was my last resort. I wasted no time looking online to see what would be the best dating sites, and I was quickly ushered over to the Skout network. Skout seemed more like a place for socializing than dating, but once I really got to learn about the network, I was glad that I joined.

I put together a killer profile, and I put some of my sexiest pictures up. I had a picture of myself in a red dress, and I had a lot of people commenting on the picture. I know I’m not an ugly person, and looks don’t mean everything, but it obviously means something on the Skout network. I had a lot of guys flirting with me, and many were asking to meet me, but I wasn’t in the mood to meet anyone just as yet. My point of going on the Skout network was to start the dating process, and then I plan on looking for someone to get serious with.

I spent my first day talking to several different people, but I was getting tired because I had to sit up at my computer for so long. I felt stupid when I found that there was a Skout application, but I downloaded the app very quickly, and I used the Skout application from then on, and I found myself on the network for many hours. It didn’t take much time for me to find several different men that I felt would be great prospects for dating, but I’m still feeling out the network for now.

Make Up Is About Revealing, Not Concealing

From a general standpoint, make up of any brand ultimately does the same thing: enhance a woman’s beauty and, in some case, dramatically change ones’ appearance. Men probably assume women only wear make up to hide imperfections. The truth is a large percentage of women who wear make up look flawless without it. For most, wearing make up is about allowing the femininity inside to emerge and revealing a buried alter ego. Not to mention that cosmetics is a $62.46 billion dollar a year industry that has allowed some women to achieve their dreams become extraordinarily wealthy.

Displaying femininity is natural. It is just as natural for a feminine woman to possess an alter ego. Women often have a difficult time unleashing their alto ego because they need to feel a certain way. Make up allows women to change their appearance, whether it be subtle or dramatic. It also allows them to express their feelings in an artistic way. Women tend to desire a look that’s unique and unexpected. Within that desires resides the alter ego that relishes to astonish onlookers and impress friends. The physical transformation that is achieved in the attempt to feel sexy, desirable and feminine, is also a reflection of the indescribable emotional transformation. By using make up to recreate a self image that appeals to a dark, erotic or dominant character trait normally internalized, women become free to act, talk, even walk differently without being viewed negatively. Without make up, many women would not have a creative, natural or healthy outlet to unveil the alter ego they posses.

Each year, more women entrepreneurs are emerging with cosmetic lines, each offering unique colors and make up trends for consumers to duplicate. Doe Deere, for example, created a cosmetic line that is uniquely intense and bright in color that has achieved much success. After moving to United States from Russia, Deere taught herself how to make lipstick and eye shadow. She sold her make up online and in 2008, Deere launched her own cosmetic product line, Lime Crime.

Lime Crime gained immediate publicity when bloggers and magazines expressed excitement over the colorful packaging and tantalizing pigments of the products. Doe Deere further built her business by interacting with her customers through social networks. As you can imagine, Deere has a personality that is as illustrious as her taste in cosmetics, so some her comments managed to stir controversy. All the same, those comments also broadened her consumer base, established her brand and boosted Lime Crimes’ cosmetic sales. As a result, Deere is now recognized as an inspiring entrepreneur who has used make up is a vehicle to change her lifestyle and achieve her dreams.

Regardless of whether to emerge femininity, reveal alter egos or become an successful entrepreneur, make up is a vehicle of self expression and independence. While it may appear that women are hiding something when wearing makeup, the make up is actually revealing something, or someone. Ironically, the only thing being concealed by make up is the persona women pretend to be when not wearing makeup.

How Anastasia Date Grew From Tours To A Website

Anastasia Date is a dating service that began when a Russian woman moved to America to marry an American. Their company had modest beginnings in the tour industry, but their success took the company to the Internet. This article explains how Anastasia Date became a website that helps American meet Russian women. The term mail order bride has been replaced with a real interaction that occurs before a match is made.

#1: Their First Tours

Anastasia Date started as a tour company that took eligible American men to Russia and the Ukraine for tours to meet single Russian women. The company broke down barriers of culture and language by bringing the men to the women. This was the first time Russian women had the power when dating American men, and the company grew over the years hosting tours in many Russian cities. The beginning of the digital age pushed the company online, but the service has not changed much after going digital.

#2: The Anastasia Date Experience

Single Russian women find eligible American men on the Anastasia Date site, but the couples have a chance to get to know each other before making a match. The mail order bride concept is washed away because every woman is able to get to know a man before moving to America. Mail order brides of the old days often fell into bad marriages, but couples making a match on Anastasia Date know each other quite well before the lady moves to America.

#3: Going Global

The Anastasia Date experience is not limited to American men and Russian women. The site hosts people from around the world, and all those members are combined in a single pool. A man from China can meet a woman from Thailand, or a man from Russia can meet a woman from America. There is no limit to the matches that can be made, and Anastasia Date provides a platform couples to come together across borders.

Anastasia Date has four million members in 100 countries around the world, and the site expands its scope every time a member from a new country joins. Anastasia Date has created a platform where people from any race or class may meet, and the matches happen in the oddest of ways. American men may meet women from abroad, but the women who live abroad has millions of people to choose from. There is great empowerment in the global nature of the site.

Anastasia Date is a website that was born out of simple tours in Russia, and the matches made today are much more intricate than any match made elsewhere. Mail order brides have given way to a website that serves men and women looking for love in 110 countries worldwide.

Tips on Targeting Your Keywords

Keywords forms an important part of every SEO plan, and especially in search engine marketing efforts. Keywords can be used to classify a business, target the appropriate audience as well as dictating the content of your website. Use of keywords has risen in SERPs since search engines have turned out to offer good results to the final user. This article will discuss a few steps aimed at guiding you on how to target your SEO keywords.

• Begin by a proper research on keywords. This is the first step on targeting your keywords. Find out all relevant keywords for your site as opposed to picking keywords just for stuffing. Through this, you can perceive the solutions your website can offer. Although there are many online tools to get you started, just be aware that different tools will offer different results. With Ubersuggest and WordStream, you can get important keyword tools to help you get fresh search terms and classify them by popularity.
• List down all keywords and categorize them into groups. On the list of your keywords, put them into categories and describe them by the search intent. On your website, every page will serve a particular purpose. Ensure that the purpose matches with each category of the keyword.
• Change your keywords to become real headlines and titles. Select the intent you are solving together with the title tag and the headline of your page. On your page titles, click the ball on the green and put geo-targeting keywords to improve local search rankings.
• Consider synonyms and variants of the search term. Since search engines can recognize variations in keywords so long as the intent remains the same, be at ease to incorporate them in the content page.

Keywords and queries are not similar at all means. Keywords are concrete and are used in the search box and can vary according to how they are used or arranged. On the other hand, a search query is a question to the search engine to solve an intent.

White Shark Media is established on the idea of providing a world class experience. It was established in 2011. Its founders have vast experience in online and offline marketing. Their objective was to capture the rising market in Latin America and the US by providing distinguished products and services. This became the winning formula.

Source: White Shark Blog

Michael Jackson Lives On Through Impersonator Sergio Cortes

To millions of people worldwide, Michael Jackson is the undisputed king of pop and there will never be another like him. There are many people that try to impersonate him, but no one does it better than Sergio Cortes. Cortes has been able to mimic the moves and mannerisms of Michael Jackson so well it’s uncanny. The 44 year old native of Spain has worked at perfecting Michael’s moves ever since he first saw him on television performing with the Jackson 5. What helps to make Cortes’ impersonation so unique is not only his ability to copy Jackson’s dancing style, but also how closely he resembles Michael Jackson.

As a young boy, Cortes was enthralled by the pop star and began copying Jackson’s way of dressing and his dance moves. He did it so well, that by the time he was a teenager reporters and others would seek him out to shoot video and still photographs of him. Some sold the pictures as though they were really pictures of Michael Jackson. At that point it began to dawn on Sergio Cortes that he could have a career in the entertainment industry simply because of his ability to look, dance, and move like Michael Jackson.

Cortes’ copying of Michael Jackson was so convincing, people began to hire him to impersonate Michael Jackson for local shows, parties, and publicity stunts. Cortes continued to mold himself to look more and more like Michael Jackson to the point where today photographs of the two are virtually indistinguishable. Plus his ability to sing and dance like the late pop star puts him miles ahead of any other Michael Jackson impersonator. Even skeptics are amazed when they see the photos and videos of Cortes impersonating Michael Jackson on YouTube, Facebook, and other places on the internet.

Cortes has performed and been interviewed on American Idol and numerous other television shows all over the world. People are simply fascinated by how much he looks, moves, and sounds like the king of pop. Sergio Cortes was among the tens of millions of people that were devastated by the death of Michael Jackson in 2009. Now his impersonations of his idol have taken on new meaning and are in even more demand than ever before. Sergio Cortes feels like it’s his responsibility to keep the moves and the memories of Michael Jackson alive through his amazing impersonations of him.

The National Basketball Association, the Atlanta Hawks, and Mr. Bruce Levenson

The National Basketball Association is the largest professional basketball organization in the whole world, and is the most watched men’s professional basketball league, as well. The NBA was formed in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America, and then adopted the name of National Basketball Association upon merging with the National Basketball League in 1949. The NBA has retained the same name since its creation back in 1949.

The NBA oversees the operations of thirty teams controlled by independent owners and parties, all are located domestically, with the exception of the Toronto Raptors, who are located in Canada. The thirty teams are divided into the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference, each of which are split into three divisions of five different teams. There are eighty two games in a regular season. In the playoffs, teams are ranked and scheduled according to their “seed” (more simply known as a rank): there are eight seeds in each conference, and teams can actually make the playoffs, even if they have a losing record – as long as they are within the top eight teams of their conference.

The Western Conference has been the most dominant conference in recent history, ever since the Chicago Bulls’ superstar roster completely dissipated in 1998. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are unarguably the most popular and successful teams, collectively winning more than thirty three championships in their histories.

The NBA really started to shoot up in popularity in the late 1970’s, when the three point line was added to game play. Around the same time, two of the greatest players in the NBA’s history — and, arguably, the most entertaining player rivalry ever — Magic Johnson and Larry Bird entered the league. Five years after their addition to the National Basketball Association, Michael Jordan was drafted. MJ was an instant success and took an early foothold in the league, and began the starting of a new dynasty.

Another reason the NBA has grown so much is the wealthy owners who own the teams that are able to invest all of their money in their team if they want to. Virtually, the only limit that investors have in funding is how much they pay their players. If an owner wishes to buy a new arena, he is able to, as long as the voting shareholders want to.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks for around five hundred million dollars a few years ago. He recently sold the basketball club for around seven hundred and thirty million dollars, which is a fantastic return on investment. Mr. Levenson of UCG helped build the Hawks to reach the Eastern Conference Finals this year, which are between the two best teams in the Eastern Conference.

Mr. Levenson is one of the best owners of this day and age, and only sold the Atlanta Hawks because he realized he could make a significant profit from the trade. The Atlanta Hawks are set to have a record-setting year this year, due to their well-orchestrated roster.

Purina PetCare Changing the Ways Pet Owners Work

Ask any pet owner how they deal with having to leave their pet behind at home each day when they head to work and you will get a mixed bag of reactions. The majority of people polled seem to feel just as much stress in leaving behind their pets and the pet themselves. Purina PetCare on is looking to change that, by incorporating their bring your pet to work program, they hope they can change the way businesses around the globe are conducted.

When Purina PetCare launched the bring your pet to work program, it initially had amazing results. Over the years, as more business owners became aware of the program, it became an annual event that grew in participation. Today, thousands of businesses are taking part in the effort to help both pets and their owners deal each day with that separation, and it has come with some surprising results benefiting more than just the active participants. In addition to the pets and owners seeing several key benefits, the business itself saw surges in their bottom line that were a direct result of participating in the program.

The pet of course saw immediate benefits to being able to accompany their owners to the job. They were no longer feeling separation anxiety the minute the door shut in the morning. Now these pets were interacting with their owners throughout the day and even getting in some exercise during the lunch breaks. This helped both their body and their minds, helping to give the pets a better and healthier overall lifestyle. As beneficial as this was, there was much more than expected happening with both worker and business.

The pet owners were able to relax more at work knowing their pets were in great hands. They enjoyed that together time on their breaks, making the day easier and less hectic. The pet owners were able to focus on work and appeared more pleasant than when they had to leave their pets at home for over eight hours each day. The benefits did not end here, as business owners began seeing an immediate change in their bottom line.

When you have happy employees, everything about the job changes. Employees are more pleasant to customers, they can focus on the job more easily, and they were not distracted by the thoughts of their pets home alone so their production increased. This is all a win-win for any business, and the Purina PetCare program still in its early stages has plenty of room to grow.

The Purina PetCare program now has a business package available for other business owners to consider as they begin realizing all the benefits that could await their business. While the program is not for all companies, it does bring with it several unique benefits that could be incorporated to just about any company.

My Wonderful Dog Loves It When I Feed Her Beneful

When I was separated from my dog, it felt like a million years. I had to move to another part of the country, but I wasn’t able to bring my dog with me at the time. I was moving back to where I used to live, and I couldn’t bring my dog into the home I was moving to. Having to leave my dog behind with my sister hurt my heart badly, and I felt as if I was never going to get her back. I fell on hard times, and I had to move back home with my parents because my sister couldn’t really help me. My parents offered me a place to stay until I could get back on my feet.

Although I was grateful for the fact that my parents allowed me to move back in, I was a bit resentful about the fact that they wouldn’t let me bring my dog. My parents never liked dogs, but I always loved them. I quickly was able to find a job when I moved back home, and within a month I was making very good money. I only waited another month after saving up money before I got my own place, and I couldn’t wait to get my dog. I actually paid my sister to fly my dog over to me.

When I saw my dog again for the first time I cried, and we hugged each other, or I should say that I hugged her, and she licked me. I introduced my dog to our new home, and I let her know that she had a place indoors in her little dog house. I went to the store the same night that my dog came, and I bought her favorite food, which is Beneful. Beneful has always been the food that I feed to my dog because it’s something that she really loves. I remember feeding her the wet brand of Beneful, and she would lick her lips for so long when she finished eating.

I even have Beneful on petco treats, and that’s something I give to my dog when she is on her best behavior, which is all the time. I have a really good pet, and I couldn’t imagine leaving her again. I can’t wait until I can save up to buy a house so my dog can have her own backyard to run around in, but for now we’re comfortable in the townhouse that I have. I took my dog home after going to the store, I poured her a bowl of Beneful, and I sat watching her eat while I searched through the cable channels. It’s been a rough road for the both of us, but now we’re back together and we’re both happy.