Consistency Makes A Difference At Beneful Foods

Consistency is the key to quality. PurinaStore‘s Beneful assures that each formula, each food and every treat ismade in a consistent manner. This ensures that each and every bag and can of their products are made with the highest quality standards and offer the nutrition that your dog needs.
Dry Foods

When making the dry kibbles like the originals careful attention goes into how the beef,chicken and lamb are roasted. Consistent roasting times mean that every bite is rich in taste and has cravable desire. Careful attention is also given to the chunks of carrots and green beans that goes into every bag as well.

Each formula of the Beneful dry foods also include special ingredients for the age and stage of the dog to each them. In playful life that is formulated for puppies, one wil find eggs that offer energy and coat beauty. Incredibites dry foods are formulated with lean meats and healthy grains for your small breed dog to generate more energy.

Wet Foods
Beneful’s line of wet foods are delicious stand alone meals, or can be used as a great mix in with their dry foods. Each of these foods are also manufactured in a consistent manner to assure the highest quality and best flavor. These foods are also inspected for a consistent roasting process of the meats to offer the highest quality foods.

These foods are great for every dog no matter what their size, breed, or age. Stews offer meaty chunks of meat and vegetables smothered in gravy. The incredibites wet foods are made in smaller bite sized chunks for smaller breeds.

A star of the wet food line is the medleys. Made to replicate exotic foreign foods, these foods are delicious and add a flare of happiness to your dog’s meals. Ingredients like tomatoes, spinach and pasta add a flare of exotic while offering every dog the nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy.

No matter which Beneful food is chosen for your dog, they are sure to get the nutrition and the quality that can be expected from a premium dog food.
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Brian Torchin, CEO of HCRC Staffing Connects People to Jobs Nationally

Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of HCRC Staffing located in Philadelphia, PA. Finding an excellent job in your career takes time, effort and the knowledge of where to look. HCRC Staffing specializes in working within the health industry and the legal field. Mr. Torchin knows first hand that finding the right position is difficult, so he founded HCRC Staffing to be an excellent tool in connecting the right employer to the right employee.

Brian Torchin has an education in sports medicine and physical therapy and is presently a chiropractor. He attended New York Chiropractic College in Syracuse N.Y., and after graduation, he experienced all of the challenges that face medical facilities and law firms in finding and keeping loyal talented help. He created HCRC Staffing to be the bridge that is needed to connect employer to employee. HCRC is a leading staffing and consulting firm that is experienced in providing quality health care and legal staff.

The turnover of staff is problematic in these two fields, but HCRC guarantees they will provide the right staff members within 72 hours. HCRC specializes in career counseling services, also.

Mr. Torchin is aware of the difficulties and job counseling can be a positive addition that makes the process easier. The HCRC Staffing office is located in Philadelphia, but Mr. Totchin staffs professionals across the country.

There are many benefits that Brian Torchin provides for medical businesses and law firms looking for talented staff, and HCRC does all of the work in investigating, counseling and scheduling interviews.

Brian tells Behance he believes that the job counseling he offers may be the difference between an average employee and a long term career team member, and secures a successful connection.

HCRC also is responsible for personally vetting or thoroughly investigating for their staffing clients. Hospitals and clinics require qualified staff that they can place quickly, so HCRC finds the connection that could change their life. HCRC has placed thousands of people in the right profession and brought their seemingly endless job search to a close with prosperous employment.

Brian Bonar Honored by Cambridge

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, there are many people that you can learn from, and one of them is Brian Bonar. He is probably the best real life example in the financial sector. He has worked and has a lot of experience in finance and has held the position of a finance executive in some of the largest financial companies. Brian Bonar is now the leader of Trucept.

He is a sought after individual because of his extensive business leadership experience. One of the companies where he is well-remembered id Dalrada Financial Corporation.

A close look at his life and one will immediately say that his success can be attributed to his technical background. Those who have worked closely with Brian say that he knows how to design and build business structures that are practical in real life. His technical background comes from Technical Engineering. He graduated from the James Watt Technical College with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering.

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Brian Bonar advanced his education by joining Stafford University and graduated with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His career spans working for several companies such as IBM and Adaptec. Learn more about this:  Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

At IBM, he held the position of procurement manager and was promoted to be the Director of Engineering for QMS. As the Director of QMS, he was tasked with managing about 100 other people. The experience he got from working for the two companies enabled him to start his own business called Bezier Systems.

There are a few other companies that he has worked for, but the one where he has left a mark is Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Cambridge recognized his success as a finance executive in 2010. At that time, he was the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive.

This was a great honor for him as the award is given to only two male and two females for each discipline. The criteria for awarding is reached upon by the Cambridge Who’s Who selection committee. The criteria they use is based on the professional, academic and leadership achievements.

His experience in the financial sector is nearly 30 years. Dalrada Financial Corporation chose him to head the company because of his immense track record of performance.

His primary responsibility was to oversee the operations of the company. For the ten years, he was chairman and CEO and was responsible for several employee and employer benefits that enhanced business operations and efficiency. Some of them included risk management insurance, employee benefits, promotional and business management services, and financial management.

Besides Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar has also served as Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services and President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

How Does Athleisure Work For Women?

Athleisure only works if women are following the basic rules on, and it is important for women to make sure that they know as many of the rules as possible. Some rules are made to be broken, but women still need to be acquainted with the rules. There are many things that women can try when they get into athleisure, and they can start by shopping with Fabletics.

Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson to help women look great when they leave the house, but they do not have to wear anything fancy. This is going to help women throw their clothes on in seconds, and they can wear those clothes anywhere they want. The whole process takes moments, and it can be interchanged any time a woman is looking for a new outfit. That means that she will be able to wear anything to the gym, change it at the gym and still go out and look great.

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Fabletics has a lot of clothes that work for women, and it is important that all women are looking over the catalog to find the clothes they would use the most. They can wear yoga pants every day when they accessorize the right way, or they can pick out great colors that play off their yoga pants. There are many sports bras and other tops that work well for women, and it is important that women are going to be able to feel great when they leave the house.

Athleisure has other rules that are very loose. They center around wearing one thing that is tight and one thing that is draped. A woman can wear nice tights that show off her lower body, and she can wear a sweatshirt. She can reverse that by wear loose pants and a tank top or belly top. Everything is very relaxed, and it is important for women to feel relaxed when they get dressed. Following just a couple rules will help women get into their athleisure clothes any time, and they are always going to look good no matter what it is that they have put on.

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Soros and the EU’s Need Of A Unified Plan

Those who are no stranger to politics will likely have heard the name George Soros at least a couple of times before. He’s a multi billionaire financial investor and hedge fund manager, philanthropist and long standing political prognosticator. George Soros’ accurately been predicting financial and political catastrophes long before they ever happen, so naturally when he speaks up on any given topic of importance, whether one likes him or not, most pay attention. And speak up he has, recently George Soros released a article in the well known, online financial website, Market Watch, detailing his own vision of reform for the European Union’s hitherto ineffective asylum plan.

Firstly, Mr. Soros believes that the European Union must accept responsibility for their previous lack of effective asylum policy, for only in acknowledging their failures can they unite and begin to move forwards with more effective and moral policies. George Soros writes that the first step which should be taken is to quickly accept one million, if not more, asylum seekers into the European Union and continue to do so well into the future until the venture grows untenable. For in doing so prove it’s commitment to it’s neighboring and allied countries. But to do this the member states must share the load, as it were, and thus proper financing is in order which brings us to his second part of his first point.

The next order of business is to establish proper financing for the asylum venture and thus Mr. Soros proposes that 15,000 euros show be allotted for each asylum seeker (a sum that translates to about 16,800 US dollars). This money will be allot to each refugee for the first two years of their stay and will be used to pay for all nominal expenses of living such as housing and health care as well as education, specifically language and trade education.

The second major thing which should be done after proper financing and refugee acceptance is to help fund the countries which can not bear the burden of their asylum seekers, countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Soros details that the EU should send, at minimum, five thousand euros per refugee, a sum total which should amount to twenty billion euros.

Thirdly, the European Union must lay out a plan for a new and centralized migration agency. Fourthly, the EU must create safe, designated migration passageways for migrants and asylum seekers, through land and sea, to both calm the panic surrounding the asylum crisis and protect the asylum seekers from the treacherous crossing. Lastly, the EU must turn to the private sector to help raise the funds it needs to successfully integrate well over a million immigrants this year alone.

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Will The Lights Go Out In Venezuela?

In the eyes of many Venezuelans like David, electric power is seriously headed for decline based upon decisions made by former president Hugo Chavez as well as ones by current President Maduro.
According to latest news reports from LibrePrensa relative to power decline, Caracas along with the rest of Venezuela is about to experience 40 days of rolling blackouts. These blackouts will span four daylight hours daily. There are two basic opinions regarding the need for this action. Record low water levels needed for 75% of the country’s power production is being blamed on El Nino. On the other side of the bolivar, corrupt electricity management is to blame.

In an effort to resolve the power crisis, current President Maduro plans to add one-half hour of daylight by undoing the GMT change instituted by former president, Hugo Chavez.  Although morning commute and school bus routines would be a bit darker, the additional of time in the evening would ease the daily peak usage period.

President Maduro personally experienced the consequences of a power outage that recently occurred during his nationally-televised speech. News organizations including VisualCV, frequently feature photographs of citizens camped on chairs outside of shops in hopes of purchasing bathroom tissue, not to mention food.

Journalist, Joel Hirst predicts that Caracas will soon join the list of lost civilizations that includes the Greek Parthenon and the Acropolis of Rome because no electricity equals no internet or telephone connection with the outside world.

Using Social Media for Good – How QNET Decided One Positive Comment Could Change Someones World

Imagine if logging on to your social media and posting one positive comment under a status could tangibly change someone else’s world? Well through QNET and the RYTHM Foundation Initiative this is a possibility. RYTHM is a large philosophy behind QNET which stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. Over the course of four weeks, the RYTHM Foundation Initiative will have a status posted on social media and all people have to do is post a positive comment underneath. In turn for these positive comments a HomePure RED filtration system will be delivered to two schools for students with special learning needs or disabilities. The first 500 comments had to be received in the first two weeks of the campaign. An additional 500 comments must be received in the second half of the four week period. This should not be a difficult thing considering how many people use social media each day. This Positive Thoughts Campaign is a great way to turn the negative and critical world of social media that many of us live in to a place for positive change. The Positive Thoughts Campaign is almost to the end of it’s four week run, so make sure to hop on and post those positive comments so you can help make a difference.

QNET is a direct selling company in Asia that provides life enhancing products around the globe. They lead several initiatives to improve the quality of life for those that are in need and their core values are care, service, and integrity. One example of this is QNET- We Care which focuses on the poor and destitute in India.

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The YouTube Star Wengie Reaches Over One Million Subscribers

Wengie is a woman with a dedication to her Asian-Australian beauty advice YouTube channel and to her own personal beauty routine and fashion style. Wengie -real name Wendy Ayche- has over one million subscribers to her YouTube channel after three years of her being a YouTube partner and creator.

Wengie is an Australian with Chinese background. Because of her family, ancestry and being raised in the culture melting pot that is Australia Wengie has always strove to keep her beauty videos friendly for many different races. Especially to Australians and Asians, but because of her interest in showcasing beauty videos on her YouTube from a multi-cultural standing point many people can enjoy her beauty tips and tricks. This would account for why she is as popular as she is on YouTube with subscribers.

When asked by Tubefilter how it feels to have over one million subscribers Wengie said it was exciting but ultimately she didn’t feel any different from the day before her YouTube channel made it over one million subscribers. She didn’t allow it to go to her head and continues to focus on her devotion to fans of her channel. She believes a big reason why she has had so much success on YouTube is because of her decision to quit her job and take on her YouTube channel as her daily job instead. Wengie also sticks to her theory that it’s not so much being unique that makes her channel connect to her subscribers, as it is that she focuses on bringing her subscribers what she knows they’d like to see or learn from beauty videos. Additionally to her YouTube channel Wengie has a separate channel –LifeOfWengie– for younger viewers that has body positive and anti-bullying messages.

One aspect of YouTube channel creators is to have endorsements from companies to advertise products, and Wengie’s firm advice for other YouTube creators is to never take on a deal with a company if they are paying very badly. Only accept offers for what you are worth, Wengie insists.

The future of Wengie’s channel she hopes to incorporate story lines and comedy into her beauty videos to make them even more entertaining than the already are. She revealed that one new video that she is creating for the year will be an interview with a K-Pop star. She didn’t reveal any other future videos she has planned for this year, as she can’t publicly share information on them yet. If you subscribe to her channel though you’ll always have her current videos easily accessible on your main YouTube page when logged in.


Managing our Dogs’ Cuisine

We’ve probably been tossing bits of our own meals to our dogs since cave-man days. Let’s face it, we treat our dogs like one of the family. And whether they’re being slipped scraps of dinner taken from our plates or expected to lick up the leftovers, we plan our dogs’ meals in our own image.

In a recent article in the on-line Daily, author Craig Giammona of Bloomery News suggests that our concern for our own healthy eating is mirrored in the new high-end brands of dogfood on the market. ( With the pet food industry currently pulling in nearly $24 billion annually an increasingly large chunk of that is earned by the premium dogfood manufacturers. Freshpet is a prime example. Marketing its refrigerated dogfood in its own specially branded cases, the company plays up the superiority of fresh, meaty meals: who wouldn’t want to dine on fine cuts of fresh meat? Freshpet has even picked up on the paleo-diet trend, marketing grain-free mixes of fresh chicken with kale and spinach. Clearly, what’s good for the master is good for his or her dog.
Variety and selection based upon a pet’s age and lifestyle choices is a favorite marketing ploy among the high-end brands. We can buy our hyperactive puppies one sort of kibble, our laid-back seniors another; the shih tzu next door needn’t dine the same as our Jack Russell terrier. And among the premium brands there is an emphasis upon additive-free contents and fresh ingredients, just as we expect to find in our own food choices.
Of course, all of this exquisite pet cuisine comes at a pretty steep price. The savvy pet-owner would do well to consider that there are still middle-of-the-road dogfood brands that offer both selection, quality, and responsible food choices. Take Beneful, for example. This popular brand, made by Nestle PurinaStore, has a proven track record of nutritional excellence. Beneful offers a wide variety of choices tailored to a dog’s age and lifestyle, and uses natural, quality ingredients. It doesn’t need gimmicks.
With all of the positive features of the gourmet dog-cuisines, but at a much more affordable price, Beneful seems the perfect choice when it comes to providing our pets with the best meals on the market. Beneful is avaliable online thru:

Why So Many Entrepreneurs Use White Shark Media

There are some days wherein the entrepreneur wishes that they had made another decision. Life would have been so much easier if they just stayed with a corporation and tried to climb the proverbial ladder. But that would not come with so much opportunity. Further, there are ways to overcome the struggles that you are having.

White Shark Media understands that you probably do not know how to conduct digital marketing. Perhaps you have very little experience with the Internet at all. One individual who has used White Shark Media was an equestrian who spent all of their time on horseback and in the stables. This person chose White Shark Media for their expertise.

With that in mind, while you may be brilliant in your field, it would be a mistake to assume that you can just plunge into the world of digital marketing and navigate through it as well as an expert.

Marketing is an academic field of study that often requires years of training. You may be able to teach yourself a few things, but there are intricacies that will be difficult to confront. You should consider appealing to a team of experts, such as White Shark Media, to provide digital marketing services.

More Revenue & Traffic

It can be difficult to establish a firm foundation of incoming revenue. It usually takes several years for a business to start to see a real income. However, if digital marketing is conducted properly, your message will be proclaimed loudly and more people will purchase your products or services.

While White Shark Media may have a fee, you should consider that fee to be an investment. You are investing into your business, and you should have high expectations. White Shark Media has a catalog of satisfied customers who report that they were able to generate more traffic and revenue.

Search Engines

How do people hear about your website? Most of your traffic will probably be generated by search engines. People will look for an answer to a difficult question and come across your site. However, search engines update frequently.

Even if you have a few tactics for improving your SEO, Google might change the criteria. You need a company who can improve your SEO score, navigate through any changes and anticipate upcoming changes. White Shark Media can assess your needs and direct you to an SEO company.

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