The Dorchester Collection Experience

Dorchester Collection, established in 2006, is an international luxury hotel operator that owns 10 five star hotels throughout the world. These hotels are located in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Switzerland, and Italy. The business works by acquiring and managing hotels for third party owners. This method of business ensures that each Dorchester Collection hotel is unique, respectable, and provides the elegance expected of its reputation. By acquiring historic buildings for hotel locations, each building captures the host city’s culture and character.

Dorchester Collection hotels are the perfect venue for business meetings, weddings, and special events. These luxury hotels host exceptional numbers for groups of any sizes, while guaranteeing the beauty and experience that will make the event unforgettable. Each hotel provides experienced meeting directors who will help you in planning your experience with every detail.

Despite its elegant appeal and historic nature, Dorchester Collection hotels provide technical experts for any occasion. Whether it is a simple meeting, a product release, or a televised event, Dorchester Collection hotels deliver high quality lightning, audio, and graphic set design to capture the moment. Weddings are made easy and enjoyable with the highest standards of excellence being applied to every aspect.

Expect to be treated with dignity and respect by the friendly, professional staff at each Dorchester location. The latest entertainment systems are available in each and every guest room, as well as throughout the hotel. The Dorchester in London also provides other unique guest services that help make you feel like royalty while you are residing. The Swiss jewelry store, Chopard, revealed its first UK high jewelry boutique at Dorchester. A theatre desk is available to help assist you on deciding among the countless shows and performances available in London.

Family-friendly services are provided to accommodate families of all sizes and ages, helping you to make the most of whatever occasion brings you to the luxury hotel (find specifics on google+). The concierge will help you to find family activities you will be interested in throughout London, and will also provide babysitter services or a nanny if requested. The Dorchester also provides a number of adjacent inter-connecting rooms to allow your family to socialize and stay together. A host of amenities are included in the guest rooms, including: chef baked cookies, child and adult sized slippers and bathrobes, books and board games, DVDs and CDs (upon request), and Nintendo and PlayStation consoles and games (upon request). Dorchester Collection hotels provide universal five star experiences to make the most extraordinary visits uniquely memorable.

Spotlight: Le Richemond, Geneva

Set on the banks of Lake Geneva, overlooking the famous Jet d’Eau, with the snow-capped Alps in the distance, the historic Le Richemond is one of the most prestigious hotels in Geneva.

Carrying Fashion Fit For The Masses Offers Maximum Profitability

Just like restaurants typically feature a menu designed to appeal to a variety of tastes, the fashion industry is now learning that they can increase their bottom line by carrying clothes that fit more than just those individuals who wear smaller sizes.

A recent article that was published on the Business of Fashion website revealed that it’s possible for fashion designers to dramatically improve their profitability by simply producing clothing in sizes 14 and above. This makes sense, considering that 65 percent of the American female population wear size 14 or greater.

Susan Koger, founder of, writes that catering to the size 14 and up population has boosted her business and is currently the fastest growing category within her company. She insists that it’s important to make clothing that everyone can wear, and it’s apparently working for her.

I, for one, totally agree with Koger’s sentiments. Kevin Seawright seems to agree as well. Everyone wants to wear fashionable clothing that makes them look and feel good, no matter what size appears on the label. Hopefully, the entire fashion industry will take notice of this and make some much needed changes.

Pregnant College Student Survives Horrific Car Accident

A 20-year old women named Sharista Giles from Paris, Tennessee was in a horrific car accident last December. She was a pre-med student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Sadly, she wasn’t the only one injured in the devastating crash. Sharista was also five months pregnant, and she was sent into a coma from the tremendous impact of the accident. Doctors informed Sharista’s parents that there little girl and Sharista’s five month old fetus wouldn’t make it.

Astonishingly, after several days, Sharista Giles opened her eyes, and her responses were normal. Ricardo Tosto was glad to hear this. Sharista still can’t talk, but she’s progressing slowly. Doctors reported that it’s still to early to say if Sharista will return to her normal health. However, Sharista can turn her head, and she is fully aware of her surroundings. Even better news, her five month old fetus was unharmed in the crash, and Doctors prematurely delivered the baby in January. The baby weighed less than 2 lbs, but it is now at a stable weight of 6 lbs. The baby will remain in the intensive care unit at the Tennessee Medical Center. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Making Clothes In All Sizes Could Be Great For Business

For a long time, the market has been unfair to women of large sizes, with most trendy outfits being only available in small sizes. This has continuously lead to a lot of frustration among these women. Some of the reasons that has led to this common trend include; the ridiculous idea that these women have no interest in the fashion trends at all and the wrong perception in our society that only thin is beautiful.

Susan Koger, co-founder of ModCloth, has chosen to go against the grain by availing fashion trends in various sizes. After increasing styles in size 16 and beyond, the results were tremendous. Sales have continued to increase as they go long.

The change in strategy was informed by a survey they conducted in 2013. After interviewing 1,500 women, results showed that 92% of women who are size 16 were angered by the fact that they couldn’t find trendy clothes in their size. 88% of these went on to agree that they could actually buy more, if this was to change.

Bernardo Chua ( has read that, after the change, sales have increased by 20%.Customers who are size 16 and above accounted for 20% more sales than the rest. These women have also shown to be more likely to spread the feedback to their friends online.

Diversity has therefore proven to work for Susan and her business. More businesses in the fashion world also need to embrace this new model.

No Longer Discriminating Against Disability In The High Society Fashion World

Jamie Brewer who was born with Down Syndrome modeled a very beautiful dress on New York City’s runway. She was the first woman with Down Syndrome to participate in as a runway model. In the past decades and centuries, there never was anyone with intellectual disabilities or facial deformities featured as a model. Now the change is being made with the new century. Ms. Brewer made her mark in the fashion industry. She is a lady of courage who is not afraid to stand up in front of a large audience and model a dress.

She was seen on the runway wearing a Gothic style black dress which is rumored will be purchased or rented by first lady Michelle Obama to wear at one of the White House parties stated AnastasiaDate. Ms. Brewer looks very stylish and beautiful in this dress and despite her minor facial deformities, she is a very attractive lady. Hopefully she can get a modelling career started from this.

BRL TRUST: An International Investment Company

The BRL Trust is an internationally renown investment company that was founded in 2005 in Brazil and began doing business by providing private loans and services related to trusts for its clientele in South America, as well as globally.

Nowadays, BRL Trust also offers administration of funds for investments, management of capital markets and mergers and acquisition prospects. The BRL team is made up of professional personnel who are experienced in capital markets and the diversification of assets in a variety of investment fields, categories and opportunities.

BRL Trust has grown rapidly and has also expanded its activities and services since its formation. According to ANBIMA, The Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association; BRL Trust is one of the largest independent and most trusted investment fund advisers within Brazil. They have a Facebook page for people to keep up as they continue to grow.

The sophisticated development of global credit markets has brought more investors into the Brazilian market. These individuals are now more knowledgeable and therefore more demanding in the control and monitoring of their own capitol. BRL can assist these savvy investors with their hard earned cash to make decisions that will lead to a win-win situation for them.

There is also a Trustee Services section at BRL which handles innovative, safe and reliable services in this sector for their investors. The tracking and collection of loans in another sector is supported by the SCA (Assets Control System). The database for SCA has over 300 companies that are involved in the business of investments and trusts, with a portfolio of 20,000 customers.

The BRL Trust Underwriting Service Department consists in providing and preparing those domiciled in Brazil or another country, so that they are able to raise funds. These individuals also have the possibility for the allocation of placing structured deals within the field of real estate and agribusiness, as well as being able to collect large receivables. This service also participates in issues related to investment funds quotas.

BRL’s global mission is unique in that it is one which serves its customers in an efficient and safe manner, albeit in a transparent way, by means of an experienced team of skilled individuals, each of whom have been trained and are specialized in their development and performance within their own department and region.

Client interest and priorities are the number one concern at BRL Trust and the discipline and determination of the BRL team is what achieves the best results, in an atmosphere of integrity and trust.

Vijay Eswaran makes the art of silence a success

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Vijay Eswaran is making the art of meditation an important aspect of business as he embarks on a series of philanthropic programs that have seen him receive awards for his work with charitable organizations around the world. In the main, 54 year old Vijay Eswaran is known as a successful business person who embarked on a series of high profile jobs with major corporations in Europe and North America before returning to Asia and establishing his own company. Outside the business arena Eswaran is known as a high profile philanthropist who was named a hero of philanthropy by Forbes Asia in 2011.

The QI Group is the best known aspect of the business life of Vijay Eswaran, a company with sales reaching around $750 million in 2014 that has earned the entrepreneur an estimated $500 million in a personal fortune. However, Vijay Eswaran has never forgotten the practices and techniques that allowed him to rise to such as prominent and powerful position in the global business world. His personal wealth has been increased by a series of successful books, perhaps the most famous being In The Sphere Of Silence, which has also been the subject of a number of successful talks and seminars by the author. Silence plays a key role in allowing Eswaran to set his targets for the short and long term each day, an hour each day is set aside for meditation and silence for the founder of the QI Group.

Focusing on the important aspects of life and business has seen Vijay Eswaran embark on a series of philanthropic programs that are largely offered and administered by the RYTHM Foundation that is the charitable arm of the QI Group. The established programs are designed to assist those who are not traditionally empowered to achieve at school or in their lives. Young people, low income families and female empowerment programs make up the majority of the groups targeted within Malaysia by the RYTHM Foundation under the guidance of Vijay Eswaran.

The Antique Wine Company: Marketing The World’s Finest Wines

The Antique Wine Company is a privately owned wine sourcing company. It was founded in London, England by Stephen Williams in 1982. The stock in trade of the Antique Wine Company is finding the best wines in the world and providing it to their customers. They also wine cellar planning and offer private wine master classes. The AWC is celebrated by true wine lovers because of their record breaking collection of fine and rare wines. In its cellars the company has more than 10,000 bottles of the finest vintages in the world.

Stephen Williams was an insurance salesman with a great love for wine. He held private tastings at people’s homes. A self-taught wine connoisseur, in 1982 Williams decided to pursue his passion for wine full time so he founded the Antique Wine Company. Today his cellars contain some of the world’s best vintages and he has over 45,000 customers in more than 100 countries. The 1912 cru Bordeaux Titanic’s director James Cameron used to celebrate the movie winning 11 Oscars was sourced by The Antique Wine Company.

One of Stephen Williams‘ most lucrative moves was creating the Grand Chateau Series. Working with Viscount David Linley, a renowned cabinet maker, The Antique Wine Company creates and markets handcrafted wine cabinets modeled on Bordeaux’s top nine chateaux. Each cabinet holds 18 bottles of wine from the corresponding estate. The cabinet modeled on Château d’Yquem contains 141 consecutive vintages. The earliest one is from 1868. That wine cabinet is valued at £1m. Each of the other chateaux has an asking price of £149,000.

The company gets its vintages from many sources. They purchase them directly from chateaux, at auction, and at estate sales. Although he’s highly skilled at judging the authenticity and quality of vintages, Williams uses cutting-edge scientific methods to date the wines and the bottles in which it’s held.

To his clients, many of whom want the wines both to drink and as an investment, authenticity is crucial. This is especially true when they pay The Antique Wine Company $1.5 million for a 135-year vertical collection as one client did in 2006, or £75,000 for a single bottle of white wine as another of Stephen Williams’ clients did in 2011. Yes, the young insurance salesman and self-taught wine connoisseur who held private wine tasting in homes all over London has come a long way.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: Training, Leadership and Authorship

An increasing part of fashion and style has become plastic surgery, when learning more about this I discovered the interesting career of Dr. Rod Rohrich.

Training and Leadership
The education towards the generation that comes next in the field of plastic surgery has become a basic part of Dr. Rochrich’s profession. Both nationally as well as worldwide, he offers training plus educational prospects for fellow physicians in the field of plastic surgery. He initially became concerned with sharing his understanding with fellow plastic surgeons at the UT Southwestern in the year 1986. He worked as the chairman of Department of Plastic surgery for at least two decades, and during his leadership tenure, the Department has led the country in pioneering methods as well as developments in the specialty of plastic surgery.

As a tutor, Dr. Rohrich supports the upgrading of patient safety, whilst at the same time making steps in efficiency. He devotes himself to training doctors to concentrate on the significance of assessing every patient individually as well as puts emphasis on to residents concerning the task of delivering improved patient care plus improved safety results.

Dr. Rohrich is as well greatly sought after like an international speaker, traveling in the whole world to offer seminars as well as special presentations. He is a highly demanded lecturer, who dedicates his time towards educating the coming generation of heads in his trade. Dr. Rohrich has come up with educational representations in the endeavor to bring up-and-coming knowledge to learning experts that is been emulated internationally in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Rohrich is a well-revered writer in his specialty. He is most famous for his in-depth clinical work as well as study on intricate rhinoplasty, aesthetic facial surgical procedure and ways of managing and treating secondary beauty deformities from unsuccessful cosmetic surgery. During his specialized profession, Dr Rohrich has published at least 700 peer reviewed editorials.

For over ten years, Dr. Rohrich has served as the chief editor for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. Under the supervision of Dr. Rohrich, the journal has become the most greatly cited, well esteemed and highly ranked peer reviewed academic journal regarding plastic surgical treatment in the globe. The periodical is well thought-out a must-read, which should be updated in the advanced technology, accomplishments and overall industry news. It is termed as the authorized medical magazine purposely published for American Society of Plastic Surgeons. His duty as chief editor of this magazine has been constantly and continually honored. He has been given awards by the American Society of Healthcare Publications Editors plus Awards for Publication Excellence.

Skout, a One-Of-A-Kind App for Dating, Chatting and Flirting

Skout, a geo-based online social meeting hub, and a dating application is one of the first of its kind. Much like dating websites, you can find and meet new people. However, with Skout, you can locate them based on their general location. The app is available for iOS as well as Android systems, and in 2013, reported over 500m connections of people using the app.

Skout uses a GPS to aid users in locating others near their area, although it will not divulge the precise location. And, users can choose to forego the option of geo-tracking by adjusting the settings within the app. Furthermore, a GPS location reveal is only for the adult user community.

When users search the site, they can view profiles with recent activities of Skout users and can then instant message the ones they are interested in speaking to. Another option available with the Skout application website is the ability to send gifts – virtual gifts—to other skout users. Communities within the Skout app, both of teens and adults, are kept completely separate, and mixing of the two is not possible. Skout is used worldwide and in over a dozen languages and in countless countries.

Skout also provides a feature for traveling, allowing its users to meet others in the city they are traveling. As a paid feature, Skout Travel is perfect for dating when on vacation or business trips.

An additional feature offered through Skout is the Shake to Chat feature. This extra will connect its users to others who shake their phones while using the app. And, as an added privacy feature, Shake to Chat users remain anonymous for nearly one minute after starting a Shake to Chat conversation.

A universal platform for making friends, chatting, or finding a date, Skout offers an alluring interface and one that is very similar to Facebook.

What we like about Skout!

Exciting Application: Having more than 100m downloads internationally, Skout boasts the greatest active social network sites for mobile users on Google Play. No matter if you’re a male or female, and are in search of fun flirting and chatting, Skout offers plenty of people nearby throughout the day to withstand a photo stream titled Buzz.

Shake to Chat: Shaking your phone or tablet will start a connection with a random Skout users another shaker from anywhere in the world. Once the session begins, you can chat and view the profile as long as you like. This creative method to meeting and connecting with new people demonstrates how fun a social networking application like this can be. Warning, you’ll soon become a Skout addict, even though not all links are necessarily appealing.

Great Interaction Tool: Skout features, such as; comments, likes, virtual gifting, backstage photos, and Shake to Chat allow you to can unlock a world you’d otherwise never know. The ability to interact with such a diverse set of people is amazing while locating new friends and possibly love connections, near your location, is a great tool to have nearby.