4-Year-Old Fashion Prodigy to Design Line for J.Crew

When four-year-old Mayhem first began designing beautiful dresses out of construction paper, scissors and tape, her mother, who helps assemble some of the visions her young daughter has, created an Instagram account to document her little curator’s talent. The creations found loads of attention in the media as well as iconic fashion brands, and now a year later, the toddler has been approached by J. Crew to help design a collection for Spring 2015.

The creative process was an interesting one. Mayhem created her dresses using paper, colorful gift wrapping tape, jewels and other arts and craft supplies, and then the designers at J. Crew turned them into actual garments. Many are initially skeptical upon hearing of Mayhem’s talent. Most kindergartners are, after all, usually learning how to sloppily write their name, not designing fashion wear. But Jenny Cooper, Head of Crewcuts Design, insists that the young designer is as talented as she’s made out to be. She recalls in fond amazement how Mayhem would begin to meticulously fold the pleats of a skirt, or place stones carefully along the hem of a shirt she had just created. She says that the girl is “inventive” and has a “creative personality that really resonated with all of us.” 

Economist Christian Broda notes that although she may be an artistic prodigy, Mayhem is still very much a child, who say that her favorite activity outside of designing clothes is riding her bike, and for Christmas just wants a stick pony.

The collection inspired by her design will hit J. Crew stores in early 2015.